I thought this was an urban legend-off ebay offers

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  1. So back in July, I inquired about a marc jacobs bag that this seller had for sale. It had a starting bid of $600.00 with a BIN price of $1099. No bids and the auction ended in late July.
    When the auction was still active, I inquired about the bag and asked the seller to ebay me additional photos so I could verify it was authentic..and it was. Seller has a lot of positive feedback. Not a new seller.
    Anyway, out of the blue (almost 2 months later), I get an email from the seller asking if I was still interested b/c her husband is "forcing" her to get rid of the bag and she is willing to sell it to me for $500.00. This is all through email (not through ebay). The bag is NWT and this is a steal but I am getting a major fishy vibe. If she wants to sell it that bad, why doesn't she relist it for $500.00 BIN on ebay or bonanzle.
    Should I just tell her I am not interested or suggest she list it on ebay and I will buy it from her?
  2. She probably doesn't want to pay the ebay fees but please don't buy it this way, you'll have no protection whatsoever.
  3. I wouldn't do without some level of buyer protection, so I would insist she either lists it or there's no deal. Fees are a fact of life when you're selling. If she wants to sell the bag, then she must be willing to pay the cost of selling it.
  4. You won't be protected in any way if you do this off ebay. Maybe in the olden, golden daze of ebay, but not now...;)
  5. Yeah I would tell her to relist it and you will buy it from her then.
  6. I bet that she offered you that off Ebay because her fees JUST TO EBAY would be 50 bucks for the BIN and that does not include the PP fees. Just throwin' that out there.
  7. Yes, ebay fees are so high...I agree - might be trying to save a few bucks and /or not having to pass the fees on in the item price....greedy evilbay!
  8. That's why I would list it on Bonz.
  9. Maybe, if you're open to this, tell her to put it for BIN on eBay for a price that will give her $500 profit (essentially, you can pay her fees for her and still get a good deal)? There are a bunch of eBay and Paypal fees calculators so it should be relatively easy. And if you really want the bag and $500 is a great price, then an extra $50 or so shouldn't change too much.
  10. Tell her to list it on Bonanzle. So she will be charged $5 i guess, for item sold.
  11. Would buying it through Bonanzle not give the same protection as buying just through Paypal though ? ie. could only file for INR if something went wrong...
  12. If you pay via paypal using a credit card, then you are protected. I have done that before and your credit card company will back you up in authenticity cases. Just make sure you save all of your correspondences where she states it is authentic. That way if it turns out to be a scam then you can pass those along to your credit card company. I really dont blame her for not wanting to pay the fees. I just threw away $150 in fees to barfbay a couple of weeks ago. I dont blame you for being leary, but maybe in this case it will work out for both of you. Nothing is selling in this crummy economy and some money is better than nothing.
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    I sold two bags totalling $2800 and the ebay fees were $199 (not counting the PP fees which were around $50 each bag) As they say around here, "I like to died.":nuts:
    OK now:back2topic:
  14. Wouldn't buy off Bonz coz paypal won't protect you for a SNAD case.
  15. Very true... Bonz safer for sellers than buyers.