i thought this was amusing.

  1. so i was away on vacation for nearly a week. i put my eBay store on vacation with a note on every page that i was out until the 29th. i got an offer on something i had. i checked and didn't respond because i was out of the country and couldn't send them even if i accepted the offer. then a few days later they made another higher offer. again, i'm still away so i didn't do anything. tonight i got home a day early and saw they did a buy it now for the original price. and paid already! lol.

    i have someone else who made an offer on something and did the same thing, when they didn't hear back they made another higher offer. i've still been debating it. maybe i should wait and see if they just bin. lol.
  2. shoot! that is exactly what I would do! LOL
  3. LOL, good for you!
  4. lol, that's funny..
  5. You need to go on vacation more often!
    Guess they really really wanted the item!
    Good for you!
  6. Lol.