I thought this item wasn't out yet?

  1. Is it real? :blink:
  2. something wrong with the photo? why does it looks cheap here?
  3. ohh can someone PM me the link where this was discussed?

    Hmm I don't know how it would look as a pochette extender but it would make a cute bracelet!

  4. I think the same thing too..
    NO Reserve ???
  5. that maybe was a vip gift who knows
  6. should look like this
  7. Actually they are making a braclet, it was discussed in the NEW KEYCHAIN topic.
  8. Yeah thats why I was iffy.

    The hardware quality doesn't look tooh horrific so I can't tell whether it's real or fake =/
  9. judging from her feedback 95% and if its VIP she would have it HIGH priced not starting at 41$ IMO ..

    ( i'll save those pic's and compare it when a mprs comes out with one)
  10. I'm sure it's real, she must have received it as a gift, she doesn't how much she will sell it for that's it
  11. You could be right..
    the box and the pouch seem ok to me..