I thought they were boring but irl whow...!

  1. Girls remember I hesitated between the Miu Miu ruffled the Miu Miu ankleboots and the CL Ariella talon...got the ruffled ones but they went back since there was a problem with the Zip so I ordered these (20% on NAP)...(by the way the CL's in gray should be on the way as well)

    I thought they would maybe be too "plain" but I think they really make a nice silhouette ?! The kind of shoe that you can wear a lot and that is actually nicer worn than by itself.
    What do you think?



    P1010117.jpg P1010125.jpg P1010126.jpg
  2. They look great on you!
  3. Love them on you!
  4. omg..those are HOT!
  5. ITA. Hot!!
  6. Wow, you're right!
  7. i think they look awesome!
  8. Thanks girls, I really, really like how they look. I just saw that on the NAP US site they are 30% off , there are always better sales on your side of the ocean...that's life.

    What comfort is concerned they are rather easy to walk in but do hurt (after a quick visit to the mall my left foot is burning a bid not dramatic but I need to add some insoles.

    I think it's mostly because of the heel height. They are really high about 130 mm (don't know the conversion by heart) and the platform is not big from about 5 mm in the beginning to 10 or a bid more.
  9. All day update...... actually once used too they are fine :tup:!
    For those still intrested don't hesitate.