I thought these S Sprouse scarves were long gone !

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  1. Wondering if I should nab one today :smile: or could these be getting reissued or something? What an odd find on eluxury!




    Louis Vuitton
    Stephen Sprouse Scarf $245.00

    100% silk satin
    Created by artist Stephen Sprouse in his collaboration with Louis Vuitton
    Graffiti signature in one corner
    26" square

    Come in red and grey
  2. oh, i thought so too. i love it! get one! :graucho:
  3. get it.
  4. I want one!!!
    Arg why can't elux ship to England??!??!?!?!?!
  5. It's gorgeous!!! :drool:
  6. I thought these were gone too. Elux is so odd sometimes. :wacko:
  7. 866 told me the Montreal store has one so they got it for me since eLux won't ship to Canada .. guess there are still some around - just think it will be so cool to wear with my pomme Sunset that I hope to get :smile:
  8. ^ OMG that will look amazing!
    I can't wait to see the Pomme sunset!
  9. OMG!! I just ran across this at eLux... so tempted to press BUY!
  10. Such a tease!! I searched for Sprouse and this one popped up:

    Louis Vuitton
    Stephen Sprouse Shawl

    But the shawl is not available, so if anyone eyes it, please let me know. :p
  11. I think I am the only one keeping this thread up, but OMG!!
    The LV gods heard my wishes and there's the shawl in brown.
    I was hoping for RED, but I'll take brown.

    Should I get it??

    P.S. The scarf has 8 available and 6 in Grey. There are only 2 brown shawls...
  12. I got mine in red and grey from the Houston Galleria store a few months ago - 866 VUITTON tracked them down for me so perhaps the left-overs were all rounded up and sent to elux! I adore the scarf!
  13. This totally sucks... my order didn't go through last night and there are no more scarves.
    Working with an Elux rep, but I'm about to say screw the whole order.

    Oh well. More money to buy something else. :p
  14. ^ sorry about that! Did you try 866 VUITTON? They maybe able to track one down for you. They are separate from elux.
  15. So right after I told the eLux rep I didn't want it any more, she placed it any way. But it was just for the shawl... :cursing:

    I'll try 866 when I get back from my trip next week.
    Thanks for the tip!