I thought the Oxford Legacy Stripe Tote was hot...UNTILL I SAW THE GERANIUM LEGACY!

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  1. What a week it has been with handbags for me!!

    I sold my Coach pond shoulder bag so that I could get the Coach oxford stripe legacy tote, the matching french purse and the medium makeup bag!

    Then I went into the Coach store on Friday and saw the new Scribble Multi Function tote, OMG so so cute or a school bag and the messenger strap is the best, so I had to buy it!

    Then I come across the geranium red legacy leather satchel! Oh boy, this is really a beautiful handbag, and it comes with a hefty price tag.

    So now I have listed my Oxford Legacy Tote, French Purse and Oxford Stripe Makeup bag on eBay (since I received 25% off all my legacy oxford stripe items when I purchased them) in hopes to use the profit for the Geranium Legacy Leather Satchel

    My fiance thinks I am crazy, maybe I am, but I love the instant gratification of a new pretty Coach!

    What do you all think of the coach oxford stripe and the geranium leather?
  2. the geranium one on eBay, the limited edition selling for like a grand? is that the bag you are talking about buying!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  3. Yes, I like the Louis Vuitton Multi Color Speedy, but this Coach Geranium Red Legacy one (around 1,000) is so so pretty!

    Do you like it?
  4. ohh girl its amazing do a thread seach we had a whole one about this exact bag cause the person had it on ebay before we think she has 2 cause one did sell :smile:

    Its beautifuL!!!!! NONONOOONN TO THE LOUIS VUITTON! that bag is yucky this bag is beautiful! :smile:
  5. Geranium is HOT!!!
  6. I called Coach and you can still get the Geranium Satchel from them, they still have some. I got a call from my store today to pick it up (I had it delivered to the store). Just call coach and ask for style no. 10745. It is $698. With shipping and tax I believe it was $768.
  7. how much is it? i want one!!!!

  8. Oh my God :drool: :drool: OHHHHH I WANT ONE SO BAD :drool: :love: :girlsigh:

    (Pssstt Seinfeld Rules...)
  9. In hopes of making a profit?
    I'm sorry, but I think this whole thing is just wrong as well as this thread listing your ebay. It just screams, "Hey look for my items on ebay."

    Anyway, good luck with finding your satchel.
  10. 2nd
  11. I agree...tacky
  12. really? Thanks so much for the info!!!
  13. Oh gawd relax people. She's just saying what she's doing with the items she just bought. If she didn't mention it I'm sure someone would eventually ask anyways since those are pricy items that she recently purchased! Be nice. =P

    I'm happy for you! It's a lovely bag!! If only it was a shoulder bag. ;)
  14. You know, some people on here are very sweet and some are just plain old mean.

    I am on the purse forum to talk about coach purses, and this involves getting new ones, and selling the old.

    You know I am really sick of the rude comments not just directed at me but at other people on this forum.

    If you are all sitting around looking for people to start arguments with, find someone that wants to participate because I won't.