I thought that I would love the silver GH...

  1. ...but, I think I hate it! I went to NM's last night and saw a few of them just hanging there. Granted, they only had them in black (as far as I could tell), but I really did not like them at all.

    Has anyone else felt the same way with the silver GH?
  2. I think I have to agree...it looks kinda dull, right? Totally different than the "in your face" BLING on the gold bags! Maybe we just have to get used to it and we're expecting a more noticeable look!
  3. Awww...well, that's a bit disappointing to hear. I've not seen the SGH IRL, yet, but hope to soon. I'm just guessing that they look even more like thimbles in that color. But I think I'll reserve final judgment until I do actually see them LIVE...
  4. Definitely more thimble-like. Even the SA was commenting on it last night.
  5. :nogood:i don't like it either.. however, i assumed i wouldn't for the reasons already stated.
  6. although I have yet to see it in real life- i love the pictures I've seen.
  7. Where would this subforum be without my contrarian 2 cents? I can tell you that I LOVELOVELOVE the GSH. Not kidding you.

    Having said that, I'll also grant you that it looks least appealing on black. I liked the black with GH much more. But in terms of what it does for other colors, it's out of this world and way preferable. I like the SH on Ocean, Tomato and Steel. It makes a pretty big difference to the overall look and "aura" of the bags. I didn't like Vermillion with GH at all, but am head over heels for Tomato with SH. Give it a chance, it may grow on you.
  8. I dont loke it at all,:tdown: a bit dull, just my opinion, i prefer the gold:heart:
  9. I like it!!! I LOVE silver hardware though!!!
  10. I only like it with Plomp and OB. :yes:
  11. ^ I just got a plomb w/ SH and i love how the 2 colors match!!!
  12. I think it all depends on the color for me. Some colors look amazing with in and others just don't.
  13. I think it rocks!! It all depends on the color. Some colors just look better with gold IMO. I saw an Ocean PT with GSH that was amazing. :wtf: I love it on the black too! :heart::heart: Awww heck.....I love them all!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  14. I have to admit, that combo is AMAZING!!!! :drool:
  15. when i first saw it my reasction was "eh" i could take it or leave it, but i never know bc my opinion is always changing, and all i need to see is one of you girls post a TDF SGH bag and i would be in love, lol