I Thought She Went To Friggin Rehab ?

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    Miss USA Tara Conner, in Times Square at last nights fashion event to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  2. What's with the makeup? It's not working, especially with the outfit.
  3. What is the reason for that make-up?

    I really don't think she should be miss USA
  4. The eye makeup looks like hell :hrmm: wonder who came up with that idea!
  5. let's all hope it was a costume party...

    Unfortunately it wasn't ! It was a fashion show, and she wasn't in it !!
  6. I agree, that make-up's certainly.....interesting! Especially with the red top.

    Maybe she applied her make-up and then changed her mind about her outfit?

    Also, it may just be the angle, but I don't think her trousers are very flattering, either.

    She's very pretty, though. :yes:
  7. If she’s clean and sober now, what’s her excuse for that makeup? :s
  8. ^ LOL! :lol:
  9. LOL
    She looks horrible.
  10. Wow... How did this woman become miss usa? Amazing.
  11. LOL It's like someone puked an acid trip onto her face. OK was that mean?
  12. This girl seriously should not be Miss USA. I forget the show she was on, but she was saying how she's a very manipulative person and she seemed to be proud of it.
  13. Shouldn't Miss USA be classy and attractive? This girl just looks like she's been pulled out of a dumpster, given a sash and a title just after an acid trip.
  14. :confused1: Was she going to change into her Cirque de Soleil outfit after the pics?
  15. I guess you do a month in rehab and you're magically cured of your alcoholism... perhaps she should do a month in fashion-rehab and she'll be cured of her terrible style!!! LOL