I thought it was real.

  1. I went on eBay today and I came across a Heritage Stripe Tote. So I bid on it and won. And now due to my carelessness I didnt review the other items the seller had. It turns out that this is fake because all the other bags the seller had were very fake the color was bad on the other bags. Now I dont want this because its fake. It looks soooo real. When I looked at the dustbag I knew it was fake. Because the strings on all my real Coach bags are red not taupe unless they changed them.:tdown:

  2. that bag looks real to me, and they have changed the dustbags.. now they are silky with cream ties.. do you have a link to the auction?
  3. Oh no! I'm pretty sure if you can prove it's fake somehow (like getting a Coach SA to make a statement for you, you can contact eBay and let them know because no matter what it's illegal to sell fake bags....good luck! I hope it works out for you!
  4. It looks authentic to me, as well. :shrugs:
  5. I was thinking the same thing....it could be another stolen pic:tdown: though. I hope not for your sake!
  6. Yep. That pic looks good and the dustbags are now silky with tan cords so that looks okay too.
  7. I agree, looks real to me too. I don't how I'd say to proceed now though-particularly if the seller has sold lots of fakes.
  8. if you have a link to the auction with more pics, etc we can help you too! :yes:
  9. It looks real to me too...and all the new dust bags are silky brown with cream colored string...
  10. looks real to me also
  11. yeah i have some dustbags with cream-colored strings
  12. I see no reason for concern -- her current and completed items all look authentic.
  13. I don't think you have anything to worry about...if that's the actual bid that denverjenny posted, then it looks good to me! And she has positive feedback and her other items look pretty good too.
  14. yeah, I agree with mokoni. Her other items up for auction look authentic and she has 100% feedback as well. I think you're ok!!:tup: