I thought it was gonna be no heart for me, but...

  1. So I "waitlisted" for a heart in the early January with high hopes.:rolleyes: I kept track of the ever changing release date and I went to my store first thing on Feb. 1...but much to my disappointment my SA was out and wouldn't be back in for 2 days (forever in LE terms). I asked anyway about heart availability. I was told they hadn't received them yet, same with cosmetic cases. I felt like it was total BS, a way of nicely saying: Who are you? and Yeah RIGHT! I left my requests with a new SA, but I was afraid she was a little clueless so I had no hopes of her coming through....

    Tonight (about 15 mins ago) I got a call from this new SA telling me she had my LE Cosmetic case in red and a heart in either light or dark purple my choice (I wanted the red but there weren't any available). I just wanted to let my favorite tPFers know how excited I am (my husband certainly won't be)...I will be picking them up tomorrow! :yahoo: THERE IS STILL HOPE EVERYONE!!!!

    On a side note, should I change my SA? This one called me on her day off to let me know she had my items! No call from my last SA- still! :s
  2. This new one sounds like a keeper. :yes:
  3. Congrats!! I love my gold one. They are so adorable even though they are small. What color did you decide on?

    Do you know 100% that the red case is LE?? I have been told yes and no. I wish someone would know for sure.
  4. I agree! Congrats!:tup:
  5. keep the SA who calls ya..:tup:..congrats and show pics when u get it:graucho:
  6. I decided on the amarante heart as I think the darker color will go better with the monogram print. :nuts:

    Don't know about the cosmetic case now...hmmmmm...I think I read somewhere on this forum that it was LE but I now also remember reading about some doubts- let me know if anyone finds out! :confused1:

    Oh, the reason my husband won't be too happy (besides the fact that he thinks I have enough LV for now...HA) is because I convinced him I had no hope for the heart so instead I got the pomme key and change holder (and its big enough for my law school id and such).
  7. I guess new SA it is! I also thought it weird that he (my original SA) told me he didn't know how LV decided who got view book because I read here that it was the SA that arranged those things. :s I love how supportive all my fellow tPFers are!:tender:

    I also just got a verni key and change purse in pomme and a degrade bandeau...so many pics to put up tomorrow!

    Also, to lesson the pain on my hubby, I was considering not getting the iphone case that I had been planning to purchase in March (when i get my iphone- when my Verizon contract ends)...anyone agree the heart is a good idea over the iphone case?