I thought I would show you all this !

  1. Hi everyone, so Ive had this a while. I got it as a gift for my birthday when I started collecting LV. Its a canvas paited with acrylics. I just love it. Its hanging up in my bedroom. Here are some pics of it in my bedroom. :nuts:


  2. sorry the pics are bad, they look slanted because I was sat on my bed when taking the pics ! LOL !
  3. Nah, I love it! I'm a big fan of creative art.
  4. very nice! whoever gave it is very thoughtful!
  5. cool chair

  6. haha LOL thanks, I went through a pharse where I collected unusual retro chairs and this one is my fave :nuts:
  7. Very neat! I remember that ad!
  8. Love it! Did someone you know paint it or did you order it somewhere?
  9. Hi, I think my mum ordered it. :smile:

  10. If you could ask her what online store (if it was online)did she get it made I would be grateful. This would be perfect for my house, I have a few ads in mind I would like a painting made out of.
  11. that's so cool, thanks for sharing Steve
  12. she said that she cant remeber what the store was called as it was over 2 years ago :sad: I looked at the back of the canvas and there is no mark. She said that they have an online store but they have a canvas shop near London where they paint them. If I can find out where, I will post.
  13. Thanks anyway:smile: I´ll try to do a search myself.
  14. Very artisitic! Thanks so much for sharing!
  15. Cool Steve! Thanks for sharing...:flowers: