I thought I would love the Choco Cotton Carly...long sorry!

  1. Hi all!!!

    I went to a Coach boutique today...they had the Medium Cotton Carly!

    I walked right up to it, tried it on, took out the stuffing and put my stuff in it...and I didn't LOVE it. :crybaby:

    I've been so in love with it ever since I saw it in the Macy's catalog thingy and thought that I would love it even more if I saw it in person. I was wrong.

    Why didn't I love it?
    - The strap kept slipping off my shoulder
    - It would slouch toward one side at the top, which was actually poking at my sides

    So basically, I didn't feel comfortable with it on.

    What was weird though was that I tried on the Medium Denim Carly and I didn't feel the same. The strap didn't bother me, and the slouch wasn't poking me. Am I imagining things??

    I saw the Jade pieces! I am definitely getting something in that color!

    Anyway, I did love the demi's! Definitely thinking of getting one, not sure what color yet. Only thing stopping me is that I want a medium-sized purse, tired of the small ones.

    Thoughts ladies??
  2. I haven't found a medium sized one to try on yet. The boutique and Macy's I went to only had the large. So sorry you were disappointed with the chocolate. Are you gonna buy the denim??
  3. I don't know about the Denim, I still think the Choco one is cuter.

    I got to investigate if the materials on different on each...hmm :confused1:
  4. Aww I had that happen to me with the straps sliding off the shoulders too =( I have a pretty small frame so it's hard to get bags with larger straps to stay put.
  5. Ohhh that makes sense, maybe that's why I was having a hard time.

  6. oh wow! so your boutique actually had the mediums?

    I hope my Nordstroms will have one.

    if i were you i'd get the medium denim!
  7. Same thing happened to me but not with the cottons. I've yet to go try those puppies on.
  8. I think the denim is softer in texture than the choco cotton ones...
  9. I saw the medium in person too and was quite disappointed as well. I was so in love with it when I saw pics but IRL, it's not that great IMO. I'm not sure I like how the fabric feels, I like the reg sig much better. Also I'm really scared about the off white part. I have two kids and alot of times I through my purse in the back seat of the car right between their car seats and I have two boys who are very messy. I really forsee that thing getting soooo dirty. Also I spoke to a SA who said you can't use the coach fabric cleaner on it cuz it's a different material............uh so what are you supposed to use then??

    I really love and have loved the saddle carly..........I'm just one of those annoying people who HAVE to have a matching wallet and they didn't make one for that bag!!
  10. ^^^Hmm I didn't think about that...and I just throw around my purses. On top of that I wonder if there has been a problem with color transfers?? oh the horror!
  11. I wear tons of jeans and after reading about the blue of jeans fading onto some purses I am TERRIFIED of the Chocolate Carly. It was my first love too but now I'm leaning towards the Denim.
  12. How interesting...hmm I tried on the denim today too and I so happened to be wearing a pair of jeans today that matched quite well with it. It looked real nice.
  13. I have the demi, and I love it. I'm usually a big purse girl and I decided to go for something smaller. I know right now you're at the opposite side of the spectrum. I haven't tried each size on though like a lot of the other girls here so I can't be of much help when comparing and contrasting but my demi is really great. It IS deceiving...it doesn't slouch...it seems WAY too stiff for that and I really don't think there's any way that it could even if it wasn't stiff. It does hold a lot, for me at least. I usually just carry a checkbook (which doesn't fit in the inside zip pocket, it's too tall), my cell phone that also doesn't fit in the cell pocket, it's too tall but that's alright because it's usually out of my purse most of the time anyway, car keys, mini skinny, like 5 packs of gum (I'm a gumaholic, and they're big packs too...Dentyne Ice), every once in a while I'll stick my iPod in there too. And there's still room to spare. For the inside zip pocket I'll just stick some tissues (good for feminine products too, you know how that is) and the cell pocket holds my chapstick really well without it getting lost at the bottom of the bag.

    The medium doesn't look like it has much slouch either but I don't think I've seen any pictures of them full with stuff.

    Just a little review of the demi for ya!!
  14. I am so digging the jade carly demi. Love the color.
  15. My Carly slouches to one side - I wear it so it slouches toward the outside if you know what I mean. So the dog leash clip is facing forward. then there's nothing poking me