I thought I wasn't getting one until Xmas!

  1. My mom took me on an unexpected shopping trip to LV today and got me my Damier Keepall 55 with strap! Thanks to everyone who responded to my poll - it was such a tough choice for me b/w mono and damier but ultimately I have young kids and the Damier is a little tougher. I may get the mono in a couple of years when they're older.

    I also got myself a little treat! The Sunset Boulevard in Pomme - it's so yummy! I love that little thing. I wanted Amaranthe but when I saw the Pomme I fell in LVoe (they didn't have Amaranthe anyway).

    I also tried on the Tivoli GM which I love but decided I should exercise some self-control and wait until X-mas.

    No pictures until X-mas though, I'm not allowed to play with them until then:s.
  2. Congrats! Sounds like you had a GREAT day! The Sunset Blvd is amazing!
  3. Congrats!!! That must be hard for you!!! I would go crazy having to wait that long to open and use my LV's!
  4. congrats
  5. Argh, must be so tough not to get them out to play!

    Grats on great purchases :smile:
  6. LOL! Yeah, in an ideal world I would have that kind of patience. IRL, the first time I go out for dinner or away overnight those babies are coming out!!!
  7. congrats! you got some great stuff!
  8. Congrats! We want pics on Christmas morning!!
  9. ~I hear ya:supacool:...I'm like that too:yes: Congrats on your new babies, yes-you def. had a verrrrryyyy nice day~
  10. Wow, great purchases ... congrats! I love the pomme, such a yummy color! And the keepall is also a must have imo.
  11. wow that is so hard waiting. I can't wait for the shipping, talking about until Christmas. Awsome purchase by the way. Show us picture when you do open them.
  12. congrats!
  13. congrats, i bet your stoked, and it sounds as if you you love what you got!
  14. congrats! do you have pics??
  15. congratulations! i agree with John 5, I would've gone bonkers waiting for xmas! :smile: don't forget to share pics once you open your presents! i'd love to see them!