I thought I was through with Louis

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  1. I sold all my Louis bags over the last year because I was getting board with LV. Then I see all your posts about the mirage so off I went to LV yesterday and got my mirage in the bordeaux, love it! Do any of you know if they will be doing shoes or wallets to match? I would love boots in the bordeaux color, yum.
  2. There are LV Cornelia boots in bordeaux to match the Mirage Speedy --- Been thinking of getting these, too, but the price is a bit steep --- $1090 USD. They are fabulous, though. Congrats on your Mirage Speedy!! I love mine too!
  3. Congrats!!!! I know what you mean - the Mirage Speedy brought me running back into the LV boutique as well.

    I would love if they introduced a vernis color that matched the bordeaux perfectly....wishful thinking I guess.
  4. Congrats! The mirage is beautiful!
  5. Congratulations, and welcome back ;)
  6. That's funny! But Congrats on getting that beautiful bag!
  7. Apparently there is a mirage scarf to match the bordeaux and the noir. I have to get my hands on one. Congrats on the bordeaux, that's a spectacular bag!
  8. Congrats!!! Love the mirage!!!
  9. Congrats...the mirage is soooo sharp! still saving my pennies!!!lol!
  10. Congrats!!I bought Bordeaux as well and LVoe it.
  11. someone already has it, it's GORGEOUS they posted a pic in the summary thread

    Congrats on your Mirage and welcome back
  12. A wallet would be GREAT! Congrats on coming back to Louis!
  13. Congratulations and welcome back to the world of LV. I'm also interested in the LV Cornelia (bourdeaux) boots but am holding off on them as long as I possibly can.
  14. Congrats!
  15. What?! You can't be done with LV...not possible...lol...Congrats on your new purchase, I agree the new mirage line is HOT....I love the speedy.