I thought I was happy being a lurker...

  1. So for a while I have been a lurker, just drooling over all the gorgeous Hermes bags that you lovely ladies own. I was fine I knew I could never afford a Hermes bag, until I stepped into Beverly Hills :sweatdrop:

    I was completely oblivious to the fact that there was a Hermes store on Rodeo, Until I was walking out of tiffanys with my new necklace and I spotted that orange bag. It was far away but its not something to miss or confuse with anything else :nogood:. So I asked in the jewelry store next to tiffanys and I walked down to Hermes.

    I didnt buy anything but I am now on a mission to get a lindy. I love them but I was to embarrassed to have the SA bring one out for me when I asked about them :upsidedown:. They SA's were the sweetest people and were great and helpful to my dad who was looking at ties. Now all I need to do is dream of someday owning a Hermes bag :girlsigh:

    Now all I need to do is to knock some sense into my little brother who after numerous warnings from me to NOT take pictures in the stores decided to try to take one in Hermes :boxing:

    I did however have to snap a pic from the streets :wlae:
  2. I can totally see how you got inspired in the BH store. I LOVE that place! Such happy vibes there... *sighs*

  3. I'm sure you will own a Hermes bag one day, shay86.
  4. Welcome and I´m so glad you decided to go for the Lindy, it´s such a beautiful bag!
  5. :yes:

    Never ever say Never!

    So glad you liked that bag and hey dont Lurk join in!

    Dreams can come true :jammin:
    thanks for photo
  6. Welcome Shay!
  7. Welcome to the forum, Shay. :smile:
  8. Welcome! Good to see you out of hiding. I have a feeling that now you've been bitten, that lindy will come sooner than you think!
  9. shay68: Welcome to the Orange World!
  10. I hope you will get the H bag soon. :yes: Thank you so much for the picture. It is so nice to see th boutique in Beverly hills. I haven't been back there for about 10 years. Back then I still wasn't in much about Hermes bags. Hope you will join in to Hermes world soon. :tup::tup:
  11. Hey Shay! Welcome to the H side!

    I've still never been to a boutique :shame: love the pic!
  12. So glad you're coming over to the orange side.
  13. Welcome! Dream a little dream....it might turn into reality!
  14. Welcome to the orange side, Shay! You're going to love it!!
  15. Love the photos!