I thought I was going to love the carryall and I don't...

  1. I made a last minute purchase on Sunday over the phone. I was taking a peak at the website and decided to order a few bags and decide which I would want to keep at home. These are the ones that I purchased:

    I thought I was going to love the last two: the carryall and the suede shoulder and I don't. The carryall is so stiff and the leather straps make a noise and the hardware is making a squeak. Also, for me the zipper is a bit of a pain. On the suede one, I really don't love the strap on it. I really thought I was going to love these two!

    The one I thought I was going to love the least, I love most! The fabric choc sig shoulder! It is gorgeous!! :heart:

    I really like the two leather shoulder bags but I keep wondering if I should exchange the blk for a blk leather carly instead?

    The whiskey I like too but I think I like it better in the 2006 version!

    But I'm definitely returning the last two. They are just not for me.
  2. Aw - I am sorry those did not work out for you. I agree about the chocolate sig though - it is gorgeous IRL! Enjoy!
  3. Oh I'm sorry you're not loving them. I hope you find what you love! Yeah what's w/ that squeaking??? My medium carly did that and it annoyed me so much! My large doesn't do it though. Must only be certain bags...but it's annoying caz it's right in your ear...lol! Well, keep us updated and good luck!:flowers:
  4. I was also wondering about the carryall, it was one I've had my eye on. I must say that the leather Carly is beautiful though. Let us know what you decide!