I thought I was dreaming!

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  1. The purchase of our house closes on Friday and I have had such a case of nerves that it has been hard to sleep. So around 4 am this morning I couldn't sleep and went cruising the net for bags! I went to Bluefly and lo and behold, there is a ferro new pyramid!
    At first I thought I was not seeing correctly but I kept staring at the pics and sure enough, it appears to be ferro! I have been waiting patiently for the house sale to go through before purchasing any more bags but I couldn't resist this combination especially with a 10% off coupon. I have had a problem with bluefly in the past so send lots of positive thoughts that my dream bag is real!
  2. congratulations on your ferro pyramid! many people here in the BV forum have had positive experience with bluefly, you can always post in authenticiate thread for the experts to chime it.
  3. That's a stunner!!!! :love: Congrats on your house and your gorgeous bag. :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:Can't wait to see some action pics. I think Blugenie bought the same beauty off of Bluefly so you should have no problems. :heart:
  4. this is a fantastic find and I'm so happy for you!

    ferro is a beautiful colour and is very much in demand.
    a lot of stores have sold out on this colour, especially in the new pyramid.

    congratulations on the new house too! :flowers:
  5. Double congrats, house and purse! What problems have people had with Bluefly?
  6. Yay!! Congrats on both! You are so going to love this bag!
  7. jane!
    where have you been? long time no see! :smile:

    and oops! NW! congrats on your two purchases! please post pics when the bag arrives!
  8. I've been around! Not posting as much since I moved away from SF, to a place with no BV store...
  9. Congrats, C. My experiences with Bluefly have been good. You have a long time to return as long as the security tag is still intact, so you're covered in that regard. Ferro has been the hottest color along with Carmino.

    And a home of your own in SF--how great is that?! You deserve a new bag!
  10. Ooooh! You're having having a good week! Congrats on everything!
  11. I could not get the pyramid thoughts out of my brain after trying on your beauty!:devil:
  12. Congrats on your house and your new beautiful bag!
  13. Congrats...new bag and new house! I've had good experiences with Bluefly.
  14. you're going to love it, and I hope you love your house even more :nuts:
  15. We've had nothing but positive experiences with Bluefly - I'm sure you'll be fine. Congratulations!