I thought I was done with Coach....

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  1. Then yesterday I came upon this bone leather Audrey at Nordstrom in the sale bin.....I couldn't pass it up! I love the leather and this is my favorite shape bag of all time (no matter who the designer is), a doctor style satchel. The only thing wrong with it (and I'm sure this is why it was in the sale bin) is one side panel is a little mismatched; the leather isn't as pebbly and the color is slightly off. I tried to take a picture of it but it doesn't really show up. I suppose nobody else would notice it unless I point it out. It bothers me a little but I don't think it bothers me enough to return it. What do you think?

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  2. I love that bag and color. Congrats!
  3. wow that's gorgeous!!!
  4. I think shes a keeper and if your happy with it thats all that matters!
  5. Yeah, its a great bag! I can tell the difference a little...but its really NBD. Enjoy her, she's a great find.
  6. I like it!
    Bag twins, I have the Periwinkle Audrey and Love Her!
    I am a satchel girl myself so I love the shape and this bag.
    I say she's a keeper!
  7. Keep it! It is a pretty bag and a great neutral color.
  8. now seeing this makes me want one. I do have a large sabrina in cherry that I love
  9. I also love this style bag for myself. The Bone color is really pretty. Only by pointing out the bag's slight imperfection would I have noticed it. I think it's completely a keeper! Congrats and enjoy!!
  10. Gorgeous! I have a bone Claire and it's one of my favorite bags! Your Audrey is beautiful! Definitely a keeper! Enjoy!
  11. I'm having trouble seeing the distinction on my monitor, maybe conditioning the bag (Apple?) and just usage will even her up? Congrats on your find.
  12. Gorgeous I LOVE that color! I absolutely adore the shape of the Audrey! I have a Jade patent Audrey and I am really wanting a leather one! Enjoy her!!!
  13. Very pretty and classic!
  14. Let me just say...Nordstroms has fabulous customer service!!! If it bugs you, go back, and ask the SA to find another one at another store. Ask her to call herself, speak to the sa at that store, and have her check the bag for such imperfections. I know they will do this as one SA did it for me, and I didn't even ask her!! she was amazing!! Just make sure 'the request' doesn't get entered as a request in the computer system...not reliable.(she should physically call and speak to an SA at that store that lists it in stock.
    beautiful bag!!!
  15. I'm jealous. I the Audry in periwinkle but would love one in bone too!