I thought I wanted a first...but now I'm having 2nd thoughts...Please help!


What should I get?

  1. Violet First--you know you love the style, don't fix what's not broken!

  2. Violet Day--you know you want to cross over to the dark side and join the Day club!

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  1. First has always been my favorite style and when violet was announced, I knew I just HAD to get it in First...but now I'm having second thoughts about it...should I get the Violet in Day instead? I've been checking out all the Day pictures and they seem so cute on all of you! I'm 5'6" size 2-4 and it's suits by day and jeans by night...

    The one thing that used to bother me about Day was that the bag folds one way or another so I can't really smoothly zip/unzip the top. I do like that it's a hobo shape, and looking at my modest purse collection, I only have one hobo style left(sold almost all of the rest on eBay).

    My favorite bag of all time is (of course) a bbag!--my lilac first, it's the perfect size for me since I use an Escada tote to carry all my work stuff.

    What do you think? Advices are always welcomed! TIA!
  2. This is just my opinion but I prefer the First in bright colors and the Day in neutrals. So, I say stick with the First for Violet.
  3. i think fist will go with suits and jean but day look more casual in IMO ^-^
  4. I think a first is MUCH easier to transition from day to night. For me, I'd never take a day out dancing :smile: If you know you already like the size of the first, I say go with it. For me, the "day" really is for the day!
  5. I agree with yslalice...the first would definately be better for a day to evening bag simply because the day would be too big for nights out on the town. That said, I have only owned one first but returned it because it wasn't big enough for my needs. I'm not much of a party girl anymore so my nights out are casual enough that I can carry a day (with GH...I feel it dresses it up a bit) and not have it look strange. So...while I am somewhat biased towards the day style, if your nights are dressier occasions, I would stick with the first. Hope that helps!
  6. I am about your size and I think the First is soooo perfect :heart:
  7. I, personally, found the First to be too small. What about a Violet City??
  8. The First is really the only style that works for me. I am on the wait list for a Violet
  9. Well, I don't have any days (yet), but I do have 2 firsts and I've decided they are my favorite style. I just think they're so well proportioned and adorable! Even though they are a little small, you can still stuff a reasonable amount of stuff in 'em:smile: And everyone will probably throw things at me for saying this, but I'm not loving cities either. It's the side panel that doesn't really do it for me. So I say you can never have too many firsts!!:smile:
  10. If you know you'll want to wear it both day and night, I'd go for a first, otherwise, a day for sure. I love the day style, and think it will look fabulous in violet. Plus, I always need extra room, so a day is more useful for me.
  11. For what I've seen of the Violet so far, I think it's too 'flat' for a Day. I say First (but may very well feel differently when I see the colour IRL!).
  12. I think the violet will look gorgeous on a First! but seeing that you already have a lilac First, why not get a violet city? I think the city is great day or night... but then of course go with what your heart tells ya otherwsie you'll always wonder about it... good luck!
  13. I second that!:tup: