I thought I should introduce myself~ =)

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  1. Hello everyone, I just wanted to to introduce myself as I have come back to MJ after a year hiatus from him. What was I thinking? :shrugs:...I have been in love w/ quilted MJ's for a while and decided it was time to get back in the full swing of things.

    Here are my newest purchases~
    Metallic Quilted Deep Purple Venetia
    Plum Emily[​IMG]

    I look forward to hangin' out with you girls!
    Next on my list:
    1. Black quilted MJ (either baby stam or Ursula Elise)
    2. Plum quilted venetia/stam
    3. White quilted something....

  2. Oh Ghost we are so happy to have you back. Both bags are breathtaking. OT but what is the background? It looks similar to the linings in RM bags! LOL
  3. Thanks Jap! It is great to be back! That is my Outside glider. I wanted to try to get natural light for the bags and that was the best spot. :yes:.
  4. welcome back, and a great family picture.... :welcome2:

  5. ^^ Thank you:shame:
  6. Welcome back! The metallic PW purple Venetia is tdf... and the plum Emily is quite a rarity. Love your color selections!
  7. such pretty bags! welcome back!

  8. Thanks Thithi and baglover!! I love to have color that pops. :heart:

    Question...when are the mj sales:confused1:..I think the next one is in Nov/Dec?
    Who has the sales and when?..I am such a shopaholic...:rolleyes:

    I know that shoptwigs has 2 a year, any idea when?
  9. both are beautiful, wow the purple is tdf! nice to meet ya!
  10. :welcome2:

    I love that purple Venetia!:drool:
  11. Hi Ghost!!!! I absolutely love those two bags, they have to be two of the most gorgeous MJs I've ever laid eyes on!!!!:love:
  12. Wow gorgeous new bags!
    Love the plum Emily! :smile:
  13. Welcome back ghost! No one ever sways from Marc For very long :tup:
  14. Wow! I can see how those gorgeous bags would be motivation to cross back over:drool:
  15. Congrats Ghost, they are gorgeous!!! :yahoo: