I thought i knew what i wanted...

  1. Okay. Some of you know that i was really into the Riveting! I had it set aside in Paris. But when I got there I was a bit disappointed... I really liked it alot when i saw it on some of the girls here but it just didn't suite me :sad:
    There was too many things goin on. I was sooo diappointed.

    Anyway, I FINALLY got me Mono Eugenie Wallet! :yahoo:The baby was bought in Monaco! I love it sooo much, so classy! :heart: So much fun there!
    I will take/post pictures asap!
  2. Congrats, I love the clasp on the Eugenie wallet, it's so fun to play with!
  3. yes! OMG!, it sooo beautiful! Sometimes i get scared to scratch it so i open and close it v e r y slowly hehe
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that wallet. That is my perfect wallet. If I did not buy a Koala 2 weeks before the Eugeine came out, I would have bought the Eugene instead.
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats!
  7. thanks so much y'all! I'm really enjoying it and i love it soo much!
    Anyway I was able to take some pictures.
    Here's my new baby!!!
    060820071027.jpg 060820071032.jpg 060820071030.jpg
  8. And this is with the Lockit Horizontal and Mulicolor Agenda!:tender:
  9. I love this wallet. It's my fav. I also would have bought it if it came out before I purchased the mono french purse.
  10. i love this wallet, so cute and holds so many cards. Congrats.
  11. yes i needed alot of space for cards and i was thinking first between this or PTI, but when i saw the clasp, i was emediatly sold!
  12. I have it as well, we're purse sisters!! Lol. Congrats.
  13. It's beautiful...Congrats!:smile:
  14. Congrats!!! Very nice!
  15. I love that wallet! Congrats to you!