I thought I had lost my love for LV..

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  1. So recently I´ve been feeling very blah about my LV´s and I even sold my azur speedy and epi pochette, but then I saw this trompe l´oeil pochette and fell in love right away :heart: I checked this forum to find out more information about trompe line and found great pics in visual aids thread which made me decide that I need to buy it :smile: I´m still a bit :wtf:about the price as this is my most expensive purchase so far, but I just love it!
  2. o boy, to each his own but i wodlnt spend that much on a tromp pochtte.
  3. Well I got pretty much same amount from the two LV bags that I sold as I paid for this so the way I see it is that I got one great bag in exchange for two bags I wasn´t loving anymore.. :smile: Although if you mean that I overpaid I guess that´s possible as I have no idea what these normally go for on ebay :shrugs:
  4. Super cute! Congrats. on finding some love again! As for the price, I'd much rather spend extra money on something that I truly enjoy than have lots of other pieces that I'm no longer crazy about. Enjoy!

    P.S. Please post pictures once you have it!
  5. Don't feel bad about "over paying". If you really want it, it doesn't matter how much it cost. My boyfriend just got me the cherry blossom pochette with red flowers. I love it! But when he saw me on ebay and saw how much other people were spending on the pochette.. he felt bad because he spent double what they spent. Don't feel bad about spending $ on something you really like. You deserve it, no matter what the price!
  6. I would ignore those types of comments and continue to be happy with your purchase as that is the purpose of your thread! I think selling 2 bags you don't love or use anymore for one that is very rare and LE is an excellent choice. Be sure to post pics and continue to enjoy your excitement as this is a great bag!
  7. That is a gorgeous pochette. IMO if a bag is something you will use, it pays for itself. Any good deal is not a good deal if you don't use the bag... and vice versa! congrats!!!
  8. It doesn't matter how much you paid for anything ~ as long as you are happy, who cares what anyone else thinks ~ it's your money!

    Congrats! It's beautiful and not a whole lot around either!
  9. Thank you ladies :flowers:
  10. I agree with SweetPurple. If you love the bag, who cares what others think or how much you paid. It's a lovely bag so enjoy it!

    Post some pictures when it arrives.:tup:
  11. Congrats on the find! Isn't it great to find a bag you really love? Enjoy it!!