I thought I had decided on Carly, but...

  1. I am finally ready to go down to Coach this weekend and finally go get the medium chocolate brown leather Carly that I have been obsessing about for months, but the website has updated and there is a completely new bag that has caught my eye - the legacy spectator shoulder bag. Now I don't know what I want. I know I'll just need to sort this out myself but was wondering what everyone else's preference was, if they had to choose one?


  2. Wow that legacy spectator bag is gorgeous... those colors go really well together... thats a tough one.. the thing is i think that the legacy looks a little bit more dressy where the carly is more casual... the carly is nice because its an all around leather that you would be able to sport with anything (black/brown, etc). my pick would be the carly just because its more versitile... IMO ;) but go get what you think would be the best everyday bag for you!:tup:
  3. I love the Legacy!!
  4. OY...tough choice! I say Carly (because I have 2 and am biased!!)...just kidding.

    I think the Carly is a better all around bag...more useful for everyday.
  5. That IS tough.. both are beautiful.. but I vote Carly, she is just the best bag ever and I think she will be better for an all around bag. :tup: good luck! :yes:
  6. Another CARLY girl here!!! It's my favorite bag of all !!
  7. I say Carly - the spectator is nice, but i really think you will use the Carly more.