I Thought I Had A Problem!

  1. My DH ordered three (count them) THREE new drum kits! One is sitting in our living room and the other just arrived in 3 large boxes! I can't walk through without running into something! This will make about 20 something drum kits now. They are stored all over the place (his studio, other studios, our garage, his cartage guy). Maybe its time to show him the new mousse!?!

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Hehe...if your husband is gonna get 3 new drum kits, I think you deserve that mousse. :yes:
  3. How about you make a deal: 1 drum kit= 5 bags. Or you could make it open ended by making it "a few bags." hehe :roflmfao:
  4. or, I could just bring 5 bags out of hiding!:roflmfao:
  5. oh yeah, u can show some of ur bags, i betcha he wouldn't even notice, he will be too busy with other things.. hehehe
  6. It's easier to miss a bag then a drum kit! LOL!
  7. HEHE i guess now he can't say anything when boxes upon boxes of purses arrive for you via the mail
  8. Why does he need so many drum kits??
  9. thats what I want to know.

    he's a studio musician and likes different sounds from different drums. he also has an endorsement with a couple of drum co. so they keep sending him stuff cheap or for free! (where can I get an LV endorsement?)
  10. I would love a LV, a Chanel one, and a Hermes endorsement. But I guess I can only dream.:lol:
  11. The last one just came in. Here is our living room:

    View attachment 21096

    I think the mousse is definitely making a conspicuous debut tonight!