I thought I am lucky....

  1. Yesterday, I bought a dress in green and was thinking it would be nice if I have a bag in Vert Anis or Chartreuse to go with it (I am waiting for a Chartreus Birkin).

    Today, I got a call from my SA at around 3ish and she told me there was one Vert Anis Birkin 30 in Togo but is currently on hold (but this is not the skin that the customer wants). If this customer decides not to take it (before the store close at 7pm), it would be mine. And she asked me to go to the boutique to take a look today (as I have not seen a Vert Anis IRL).

    I was having a bad day at work and wow, this must be my lucky day. I was so excited and could not think of anything else but the Birkin.

    At around 5:15pm I was about to pack up and go, my SA phoned me...."the customer just arrived.....". Then I said, "ohhhhhhkay, please phone me if she decides to take it/not". :cursing: 10 minutes later, she called back and said "the Birkin went home with her! " :crybaby:

    Oh well, the waiting game starts again. :sad:

    Thanks for listening!!
  2. :sad:so sorry to hear that.
    your chartreus will come soon.
  3. Oh BSB,
    I am so sorry! I know that had to be so disappointing. Thinking it could be yours and then it wasn't.
    Here's to hoping you chartreuse Birkin arrives soon!:drinkup:
  4. That's frustrating but hopefully the next phone call you get will be the Birkin you were destined to have.
  5. Don't worry. If you feel disappointed, it tells you that this is a bag you want. Your SA now feels that you must have the next available bag, so it will come your way.
  6. yikes, this is a lousy story. i'm so sorry that happened to you. honestly, better that they hadn't called you until they were certain. who needs to be yo-yoed. i mean this just leaves you a. without a new bag and b. feeling bag.
    honestly, i love chartreuse, so think it will be great when your bag arrives.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Hope the next one will come soon.
  8. Awww...BSB!!! How disappointing...I hope you get your Birkin soon. :smile:
  9. Your time will come sooner than you think. Do think of finding your dream bag as a courting process. Part of the fun is waiting for something that makes your heart sings.
  10. Thanks ladies! I know on one hand it is disappointing but on the other hand I am glad my SA called me because at least I know she remembers me!!

    Oh gawd, I still miss that Birkin!! :sad:
  11. you will have yours some day soon... sorry this happened! your SA is ON it... at least you know that :graucho:
  12. Thats the spirit!!! You got a call....that's great!

    Missing the bag....well, that may go on for a while. But another will come!!! perhaps a bracelet or scarf will ease the pain????:graucho:
  13. Yeah, at least it shows that your sa is thinking of you. I would say that is pretty good service. Don't worry, your bag would come sooner or later!
  14. That's exactly why the SA did it. To demonstrate that she's working on your order. I am also pretty sure she was able to tell you if the next Birkin that comes around would be yours.
  15. At least you got close this time. I'm sure the next call will result in a Birkin for you!