i thought holograms were from 1990's-today.. someone told me otherwise..

  1. when did chanel start with holograms and serial numbers? should bags from the 80's have them? what about the 70's or 60's?

    i always thought it was 90's and on.. someone just told me all bags from the 80's had them too??
  2. bumping this up for you - interesting question to know the answer to.......:confused1:
  3. That 'someone' is Michele BTW and she is right :yes:

    Chanel started putting the holograms in the bags and using the authenticity cards in the mid/late 80's.
  4. ^ and before? i see bags with a number stamped but no hologram. are those from the 70s and earlier?
  5. Thanks for the info, ladies!!!:yes: