I thought Damier leather is supposed to be kind of indestructable...

  1. I was looking at used Damier Riberas on 2nd-handbag.com (which is a legit reseller) and they said that the leather was peeling - well, check out this picture! How can this be?

  2. I've seen that happen before, maybe it's a defect that can be fixed at LV
  3. the handle part is supposed to be calf leather..not damier. This could be very serious tear and wear..
  4. oh man...i've never seen that happen before!
  5. oops .....
  6. Yes, that is what I meant - that the leather used on Damier bags is so great in rain and snow, etc. It looks like this bag's handles were dragged on the concrete!:wtf:
  7. It holds up very well with *normal* use/wear & tear. However, if you rub it against rough surfaces constantly or are knocking it into things like crazy, then things like this will happen. :push:
  8. That thing looks abused; I don't think it is a result of normal wear and tear. :sad:
  9. Is that website's items all authentic?
  10. It is the same leather as all of the other LV's, it is just treated. You can still scratch and scuff it...
  11. Oh, I'm so grossed out!:throwup:
  12. yes i agree, this does not look like normal wear and tear.....this bag was definately NOT taken care of very well..not to mention this is DAMIER which means you don't have to be EXTREMELY careful. Goodness! i wonder what they did to let it get this bad....ewwie
  13. that looks crazy... i wonder how much it costs to replace the handles by itself
  14. This in no way looks like normal wear at all. Looks like it was drug out of the car door down the road... very very odd.
  15. OH...that scares me...well I saw alot of their stuff there are in a pretty bad condition with the leather peeling and stuff.

    My mum's Epi LV and monogram pouch does not hav that kinda problem though her's is like 16++ yrs old