I thinking...

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  1. Oh my...this forum is dangerous. Now I'm thinking about a 35cm Birkin but which color? I wear black so much. I am thinking about a shade of blue like indigo, brighton blue, blue roi. Which blue would look nicer with black or should I think more in terms of black or gold? I already have about four black bags, gold ostrich and rouge vif....suggestions please.
  2. How embarrassing...to name my thread "I thinking" I meant "I'm thinking".
    I can't edit the title.:hysteric:
  3. ^^^^^Give it up!!!:P You're just like me!!!! No matter what you do you always come back to black. It's like that Al Pacino line from the Godfather "Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!!!!":rolleyes:
  4. HG...I know it's awful. I love black! Just thought I'd ask...maybe navy?
    Isn't black and navy very chic in Europe?
  5. How about gris or anthracite? My SA says "Gray is the new black this season" and he's a huge fashionista. BTW, Hermes indigo is so close to black, you should just stick to black!!!
  6. Anthracite may be beautiful...never thought of that color.
  7. I love the blue colors....and yes navy and black is very chic! I have indigo and it's just a touch away from being so 'black' -- of course the blues are all gorgeous!
  8. Lovehermes...I have to say that I cracked up at your thread title even knowing that it's a typo. I do that all the time! :flowers:

    *Anyhow*, I know you have Rouge Vif, but how about Rouge H? Graphite is really beautiful too...saw it in an Epsom trim and it was just gorgeous. I like brighter colors against black so if you were leaning towards the blues I'd go for Brighton Blue.
  9. Love indigo, anthracite and Brighton Blue. All are great with black clothing.
  10. how about raisin? one of my favorite H colors . . .
  11. Chocolate, of course! Goes with black without a doubt and it's gorgeous!
  12. If you give me one of your many black bags, D-teddy will let you have a blue one....
  13. I love black as well... I tried an anthracite bolide one day...it was quite nice, but I could not quite get over the fact that it looked like "faded" black (have issues with faded black)...I then tried a black bolide and was hmmm...happy...(but held out for a black birkin)... We need a Hermes photoshop where we can try on bags...
  14. i say "go for gold!"
  15. You seem to go for neutral...I love how etoupe, gris tourturelle, and anthra..thingy:wtf: (help...SP?) :shame: would look with black.!:yes: