I think...

  1. I just got myself a Chanel!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I'm still pinching myself!!! I just kind of did it...:angel:

    It's my very first one (unless you count my vintage pink clutch) I'll take pictures when it arrives!!! :girlsigh:
  2. Congrats, I can't wait to see pictures!!
  3. congrads!!!! we're waiting for the wondeful pictures :smile:
  4. i am so excited for you. congratulations!!!
  5. Congrats, there is nothing like that 'first time' feel! Looking forward to the pics. What did you get?
  6. Tell us more, what did you get?
  7. Can't wait to see your first one. What is it?:smile:
  8. So fun!!! Post pics!
  9. I'll tell you guys what I got when it gets here! I don't want to jinx it.

    But now that I have it, I want to get different colors too. *gulp* :upsidedown:
  10. Yes, that's a disease I suffer from too:graucho:
  11. Congrats. I just got my first Chanel recently, too.
  12. I am so happy for you, congrats. ;) It is the best feeling to get when you get your first Chanel!
  13. You think?!? I hope you get it!!!!!!!

    Cant wait to see it but I hate this suspense ;)
  14. When will you get it? You'll have to post pics !!
  15. Congrats! Would love to know which one you got