I think you will think I am crazy but...

  1. After cancelling my order for the blue/grey city - bag is too small for me - I put myself in the hands of my SA at BalNY, Kim. I told her, find me a purse or a shopping tote in your collection there with the best leather (something you would buy for yourself), no black, white, brown, light pink, or fire-engine red, please, but otherwise, carte blanche. And the other thing was, if there is no great GREAT bag, then just get me an afternoon in the blue/grey. I know it is nuts, but I couldn't think about this stuff anymore. I was stressing out about whether or not a purse or a tote would be "better" for me. Whether or not I was missing out not holding out for the blue/grey. I was having too many purse dreams every night. So I have surrendered control to my SA. I need all of you to cross your fingers for me that Kim and I have the same taste. I will post the mystery bag when it comes. That is kinda half the fun - I have no idea what it will be.
  2. oh my... i would never let someone decide bags for me. but it's your call.
    i'll cross my finger & hope you'll like the bag she picked :P
  3. :nuts: VERY cool!!! Shall we start guessing? I bet a Sapin purse is coming your way. You are one brave mama!!! :yes:
  4. OHHH- very exciting!!!
  5. You're a brave one for sure! :smile: Grenat, Sapin or Blueberry Work may just be on it's way.... We'll be awaiting pics of the 'mystery bag'!
  6. seahorse - i really have no choice. she would be choosing since i live in mo. i just need to move somewhere i can see these bags in person. you ladies have really helped because, here, in the middle of mo, no one has a bbag. as far as bag shape goes, it was driving me crazy. you know that i was up at 2 am, pming you, trying to figure out which shape would be better for me. color and leather, well, that was going to be a crap shoot, anyway. all the stress was taking the fun out of it. i was beginning to resent a bag that i didn't even own.

    Esiders - yep, i think it will probably be a sapin purse. supposedly they are the best leather this season out of the colors that i did not disqualify. on the other hand, kim could make more commission with a shopping tote, so it might be last season's shopping tote. ultimately, she will make the most from the afternoon (i think), so if she were a cagey SA, that is what I would be getting. apply a little game theory to all this and it gets really exciting.
  7. i hope it is not a work - that is not a "designated" bag shape. but i will tell you, if it happened, and it was beautiful, i would not be sad.
  8. i understand kathleen, it's hard to buy a b-bag from a store where you're not there. there's sooo many range of style and colours. it's a like lots of possibilities.
    GOOD LUCK!!!! i really am wishing you all the best :yahoo:
  9. I keep my fingers crossed for you! You're a brave girl!
  10. Okay - let the speculation begin. I should see it tomorrow or Monday (pls no saturday)


    Your bag has been selected-I'm not going to tell you what I chose so you'll
    be surprised!!

    I'm charging you ground shipping but I will overnight it, let me know what
    you think. I hope you'll be very happy!


    Balenciaga New York
  11. :yahoo: she won't tell you which bag? or you don't want to know?
    it's like having a baby. do you or do you not want to know the gender?
    :wlae: super!!!
  12. WOw, you certainly are brave...hoping you'll get something you'll like.But I'm sure you'll get something great...Kim seems confident in what she sent you.;)
  13. i think it will be great. men have their porn, we have our bags. kim is a good sa and i think she will send me the best she has. again, i will post whatever she sends.
  14. Fun, fun, fun! I hate surprises but you gave her parameters so it seems like fun! Please post something as soon as you get it!
  15. it is like having a baby. i never knew the gender of my kids until the third and that did take some of the fun out of it. either style will be great. i know this thanks to all of you with all of your great posts. i suppose i could check my cc statement and go from there but i am not going to. i would rather be suprised. maybe once you have hit the 1k limit on bags, the anticipation factor is part of the shopping. i don't think that i would have ever done this is had i seen the bags in real life. I looooove both styles and all the colors. just couldn't decide. Kim deserves one of those SA gifts if the bag is great (even if it isn't, to put up with me, she should get a bonus).