I think you OD'd on the tanning Paris!

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  1. Her 'tan' scares me... :nuts:

  2. Me too :o)
    It looks weird..
  3. she looks ridiculous!
  4. Wooow it looks sooo 'natural' like Pamela Anderson's boobs.
  5. Ewww. I didn't think she could look any worse than she already does.
  6. She looks ok!
  7. Her tan doesn't look sooo bad...nothing like orange Cristina Aguilerra!
  8. I hope that's tanning lotion she used....otherwise she's gonna have massive wrinkles at 35.

    Her skin looks like leather.
  9. She is just gross. Tan or no tan.:throwup:
  10. I agree, her skin does not look good at all
  11. I think she looks terrible. Just orange and horrible.
  12. LOL. O dear.
  13. If it wasn't given to you by God it just wasn't meant to be....LOL
  14. YIKES! Who new Paris could look worse? Like Dolly Parton says "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap". I Like Dolly though, she's funny. Paris is just ewwwwwwwwwww.
  15. Nasty. :throwup: She looks like she needs a [looong] bath.