I think you girls will faint when you read this...

  1. So, I have this beautiful Cordovan Terri Mbmj bag that I love, my coworker being a sweetheart, gave me some chocolate from belgium, put in my bag without telling me. I didn't know, and it freakn melted inside. I panic, and being stupid , used bleach inside the liner to try to get it off, and it leaked out to the leather. I took it to the leather shop to have it repair, it looked okay intitally, I put it in my dust bag, forgot about it, I took it out yesterday and the bottom of the bag is now grayish white!!! It pains me to even look at the bag. I can't pay like $100 to redye the bag because the bag was only $2xx when I bought it. Is there any other way I can restore her? This is the bottom of the bag...
  2. oh no, that's so sad :sad:

    some of the DIY ladies may have some advice for you...i wouldn't know what to do either. it may help to post pics of the bag so they can see the damage. good luck! :heart:
  3. It hurts me to even pull my bag out... but i'll try to do this later when i get home. so sad...
  4. I did almost faint. I am so sorry. I have no idea how to help. GOOD LUCK!!!:heart::heart:
  5. :cry: huge bummer!
    Good luck!
  6. very disturbing....so sorry...GL
  7. wow, what a disaster! so sad that it happened.... you can try using some of tarrago shoe dye to paint the color back on... alot of ppl have had success with it.
  8. wow, i'm so sorry it happened... I have not sucesss in removing some of the stains in my bag.... cann't give you any input, just feel very bad, hope others jump in.
  9. Please do post pics of your bag. We'll be able to advise you better.

    Since it's just the bottom I think you may want to try and dye it yourself. I don't know how crafty you are but just trying to match the color as best you can and JUST treating the part that is discolored may fix it right up!
  10. i would try and do it myself. i'm not sure if you're familiar with tarrago dyes but they're fairly easy to use. i guess it would depend on the type of leather you have to, but a few girls on the forum have done it. its definately considered a last resort, but it has turned out okay.
  11. Bleach?!?!? :faint:
  12. ^ That's what I said, KZ! :shocked:
  13. :faint: exactly.

    I haven't tried dying anything, but if the shop is going to charge that much for an area of the bag, I would rather try DIY. Hope it goes well!
  14. i'd go the diy route at this point. at the very worst, your bag is still ruined. otoh, it might turn out great and you'd have an exciting thread to share with us, so please take lots of pictures.

    and, wow, yeah, bleach? you're hardcore!