I think you big bag lovers are starting to get to me....

  1. I looked at myself in the mirror in the elevator yesterday. I was wearing my medium choc sig Carly. Even though I have no need for a bigger bag (don't need any more room really), I thought to myself "maybe a large Carly would look better than this medium." :confused1: I so can't get another Carly right now. I wonder if I were to sell my Carly if DH would notice my bag had grown? Probably. Things I want him to notice, he doesn't. Things I don't want him to notice, he does. :rolleyes:
  2. I had the large carly and even though I love big bags it was too much for me. I spent a lot of time digging in it for things. If the medium works for what you carry, I would hang on to it. Its a lovely bag!
  3. There are good uses for both bags - if you can't get both then you need to decide what is more important - functionality for your life and how it looks. sometimes we can get both but we all know that sometimes we can't!! And that is no fun! Luckily the carly is pretty and functional. do you need the extra space or do you just want it because you think it might look better on you??
  4. Haha! Isn't that always the case! I would say get what is best for you & what YOU want ~ you deserve it! He'll still love you anyway & should realize that you deserve any bag you want, bigger bag or not ;) Although I have known Coach discussions to cause some arguments between me & the bf... haha
  5. Maybe you could go and try one on. I love big bags but when I tried on the large Carly--well, she was a whole lotta bag for me! I just felt like it overwhelmed me, and I'm of average size. Do you need to carry more things or is it more how it looks? Good luck!
  6. Oh my goodness!!!!! My fiance is the same way... except he notices EV ERY THING. An eyelash could fall out and he would notice! I wish he didnt notice half of the things that he does LoL
  7. I know what you mean, I get second guessing my choices all the time. :tdown: I agree with the other girls, what are your needs? I think the medium carly looks smaller but is a great size to hold things.. I am 5'10" and still think the large carly is huge and I would be digging for my things constantly, but I don't carry a ton.
  8. I think the large Carly is too big for me, but ifyou like it go for it!!!! and if you sell the smaller carly to get the large, he can't get mad @ you!!!!
  9. i see my med carly as a purse, and the large looks more like a tote bag for school or bringing a lot to work imo
  10. I know I know...the large is probably too big for my needs but my medium was just looking small yesterday. I'm having a really crappy life right now so I guess I'm taking it out on my bags too :crybaby:
  11. Awww...I hope everything is okay...give Carly a big hug and realize she is always there for you no matter what!!!
  12. I think the large looks better on me, but I am not a small person. With the purse organizer it isn't so bad getting things in and out. But, I know the medium is easier to deal with. I want a medium to go along with my large!
  13. With big bags I have a system for how i put things in, and I never have a problem with things getting 'lost'.
    At the bottom I put bigger things that I may not need as often - like an umbrella. Then a water bottle. Makeup case and whatever 'daily things' that need to be used constantly end up on top. In the zip pocket goes my mini skinny, phone, lip gloss, keys. If I have a wristlet it loops nice through the hardware on the Carly so it dangles inside or if I need it I pull it out.

    I never have problems with a big bag this way!
  14. i know exactly what you are saying and that is the reason i am considering the slim carly. i know it does not have enough width but overall the dimensions are bigger than the medium.
  15. Aww it's ok! PM me if you want to vent, I'm a good listener.

    I'm feeling kinda junky lately but it's definitely not the answer to take it out on your bags (and thus, your credit card). I'm returning a few impulse buy purchases that I thought would make me feel better but didn't.

    And if in a few days you really want the large Carly...trade up! Just don't do it in the midst of feeling bad or you might regret it later.