i think we should petition ebay . . . .

  1. to prohibit auctions/sales of designer packaging. it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that there is no likely reason for purchasing a set of 10 tie boxes and 10 yards of ribbon other than to pretty up counterfeit goods.

    i can't believe how much of this stuff is listed (and most of it is probably counterfeit itself). i know it won't fix the big problem, but it's so in-your-face that i don't see why it should be permitted.

    i'm cranky about this right now because i was making room in my closet for my beautiful new kelly (:heart: ) and came across my ebay mistakes. (yes, there was more than one :Push: -- what can i say? i'm stupid and/or naive.)
  2. Some people need the boxes to store their ties? :shrugs:
  3. A colleague of mine, who hit up the sample sale last week, was thinking of going onto ebay to buy boxes for a few ties and scarves that she purchased at the sale that she wanted to give to her husband/friends as gifts. Maybe other people do the same thing?

    On a side note - when I was in Indonesia last October, I went to this mall in Jakarta that sold loads of fake goods including loads of Hermes stuff that came in boxes and dustbags... I was amazed at how many stores there were with that stuff (and nauseated at the same time).
  4. I'm one of those people who would go buy boxes AND shopping bags for my stuff if I wasn't given them. However, that's because I'm very anal about my things and I have to store things in the box and then put the box into the shopping bag before putting it in storage. I believe in multiple-layers of protection for my stuff. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is that anal-retentive.
  5. nope....another anally retentive girl here.
  6. Kind of off topic but I found that the Hermes orange bags make VERY GOOD book covers (don't kill me, the bag was ripped and unsalvageable).
  7. I don't use my boxes, not even the Birkin or Kelly boxes! I'm thinking of throwing them out!
  8. But they make good arts and crafts material in addition to good protection for the bags.:yes:
  9. Oh, yeah,.. it's funny because when I buy at Hermes now I tell them to save the boxes! I can't take anymore in!!! They laugh at me in the store and ask me if I'm sure I don't want them, so they try to fit everything in 1 box, lol
  10. What kind of A&C?
  11. Model airplanes, models of buildings, flowers, abstract arts. Kind of like you can use the ribbons to make a charm bracelet.:yes: If you don't your boxes, I'm sure there're other anal-retentive ppl who are scouting eBay for boxes.
  12. A lot of people want to keep the boxes especially for the birkins as it is supposedly the best place to store the bag to keep its shape. I read it on the bagsnob website.

    Check this link out The Bag Snob: Hermes 101
  13. i know -- there are all sorts of legit uses for the stuff.

    but "set of nine hermes shopping bags"; "entire roll hermes ribbon"; "three hermes scarf boxes with ribbon and tissue" -- well, it's just feeding the fakes industry. they get turned into "authentic hermes scarf, with box, ribbon, tissue and shopping bag."

    i'd adore having a whole bunch of the big boxes for storage, but i'd rather put the brakes on the fakes. but i suppose it would just be a drop in the bucket anyway -- too bad no one can seem to figure out how to put an end to the whole ugly thing.
  14. The problem is that you see people selling fake boxes and fake shopping bags too. I've seen those going for $50 a pop :Push: .
  15. I agree wholeheartedly with dressage queen, although I have to admit the idea of buying boxes to store my vintage scarves is appealing. I have hitherto been extremely irritated by the fake boxes, ribbon etc but even more so by the disgusting fakes on ebay. Yesterday I saw what can only have been plastic handbags for, oh something like $25.
    It just makes me sick, although I suppose these aren't as bad as the Fake ones for Real prices! Frankly I loathe ebay, even though there are some good and legit sellers; the latter are being tainted by the rip-off artists, in my view. Some of these fakers post "Authentic Hermes scarves" and in the printed info tell you to choose your colour once your bid is successful. Distinctly odd, I say.