I think we got a pce card?!

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  1. :yahoo:OMG i am very happy! I was hoping we'd get a card, and after a while I thought we would not get one, so maybe next time?

    I went out to check the mail today and there was an envelope from Coach and inside a card! It says, "Come in and see everything that's new for Summer. As a preferred Coach customer, we are pleased to offer you 25% off Coach merchandise during our Summer Event Days. Now through Saturday, June 30th, 2007. We look forward to seeing you. Please bring this card to redeem the offer."

    But we only have a week until it expires. Hopefully we can purchase something?
  2. Yup, I got mine yesterday. I called the Newark, DE boutique and was praying that they'd let me do a phone order. The guy was very sweet and didn't even hesitate to let me order. The girl who actually completed the order for me was very sweet and personable as well. Why not try to order over the phone? I still had to pay the 8.00 shipping fee, but if you order from the store in DE, you don't have to pay sales tax!
  3. I never got one!!!!! BUT someone (and again, you KNOW who you are) told me to call some stores til I get someone who will give me the discount...so I called my local boutique this AM and asked for the store manager, and she gave me the discount!!!!! MY FIRST PCE!!! I am sooooooooo excited, even though it is an unofficial one, it was still mine! I bought a khaki/saddle Carly! Let us know what you are going to buy w/ your OFFICIAL discount!!!!! How exciting!!!!! LUCKY!!!!
  4. This was my first "unofficial" PCE too. I was lucky and someone on here sent me one. I am hoping I get invite to the next one. The manager at my store said she would be very surprised if I didnt given the amount I spent this time.

    Congrats and enjoy!!!!
  5. All I bought at the boutique was my Carly, Watercolor Wristlet and a purse spray...I open my mailbox yesterday and there was the card! Although I think Sprinkles said they added people on after the PCE was officially extended. I totally wasn't even expecting to get my Ergo until fall because I really have no money but I couldn't pass the deal up.