I Think Vicky B looks Cool Here + Great Tattoos!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] :girlsigh:
  2. I like her tattoo and her shirt!!! She's always soo fabulous!!!
  3. I like her style...but I can't get into that hair! It looks so ratty...
  4. Its another Stella McCartney top. She is sure into Stella's off the shoulder tees at the moment
  5. I love her outfit.
  6. Cool tattoo :nuts:
  7. I think the bob is kinda cute.. :yes:
  8. I'm not much into tatoos, but that one is pretty cool...
  9. she looks cute here! i actually like her hair alot now
  10. i love her, i love her oufit and i loooove her BAG. woot. her tattoo is hawt too. i do prefer her with extensions tho.
  11. does anyone know what kind of bag VB is carrying?
  12. The tattoo looks silly there. I like that bag a lot though!!
  13. Burberry Manor $1600
  14. I LOVE her style, but I'm not crazy about the tattoo!