I think this might have to be my next purchase.

  1. Go for it!
  2. ive been eyeing this one as well. only thing stopping me is i definitely don't need another handbag! loving the crest.
  3. :tup: i love the color
  4. shoes....... must wear matching shoes.
    love it - love love love it.
  5. Love the color and the shape- price ain't bad either! One caveat though; if you buy it now it might be marked down later :push:
  6. I've been eyeing the hysteria line as well. I've seen this style in pink and gold but they're in small. If I can find one of those in medium, my bag ban would be so ruined. :sweatdrop:
  7. I really like the color also!
  8. LOVE the color! :tup: BUY IT!
  9. I love the color. Different.
  10. I really like the color!
  11. that is a good color and will transition well from a day bag to an evening bag. very practical, if you need to convince yourself to get it. :smile:
  12. The jury's still out, I have to see it in-person.
  13. nice bag - it is a very good color - can go for every thing - very practical :yes:
  14. it's beautiful! i love it! BUY IT!!! :smile: