I think this is kinda weird...

  1. I told my friend at work that i was looking at getting a new bag and i had to go and try it on at the store to see if i liked it, to see the way it looked on me or to see if it fit. She thought that was totally crazy that i would have to try it on and see it if worked for me. She says when she buys a bag she just gets it without trying it on first. I thought that was so funny and weird!
  2. I guess everyone is different, but I cannot imagine making a final decision on a bag without being able to try it on first! Sometimes a bag looks perfect in pictures or on other people, but feels wrong on me. Other times it looks bigger or smaller than it actually is and a measuring tape can only give a person so much perspective.

    For me, only actually trying the bag on can tell me if it is right or not, so you aren't alone!
  3. i'm like her, i don't really try on how it looked on me first :p
    but i guess i already know well what i want and what will works on me
  4. Usually I like to try bags on just to gauge the size, but if it's a style that for whatever reason I can't find in a store to try on or see IRL, that hasn't stopped me :p
  5. i understand that everyone is different but if im going to spend a lot of money on a bag i'd first like to try it on. the worst thing is getting it home and finding out that you actually don't like how it looks on you and have to take it back .
  6. That's what makes ordering on-line so frustrating. I end up ordering, returning, ordering, returning which makes me feel sorry for the vendors but what choice when that's sometimes the only way to see the bag IRL.
  7. Hmmmm, I always try on my bags. But to me they are like jewelry. I wear them. They have to look "right" on or no matter what - they won't get worn.

    Everyone has their thing...I'll always try on a bag (sometime two or three trips by the mirror) but I'll walk into my hair salon and say "do whatever the h*ll you want!" Priorities I guess.

  8. I just wouldn't think of buying online because I am a touchy-feely kind of gal. I need to see it on me first and foremost. Plus, I am into instant gratification. The wait would kill me.
  9. I buy so many of my bags from NM, Saks, Barneys, and Bergdorf's via the internet so I don't try them on first. But I do look at the measurement descriptions and try and imagine if they would work for me before I place my order.