I Think This Is A Great Shot Of Nicole !

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  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Wow. Different attitude.
  3. She does look good - is this from a magazine?
  4. candid shoot, i dont think the photo was ever published in a magazine.
  5. I usually think she's fug, but this pic is nice.
  6. She looks hot in this pic!! Great attitude and her eyes pop!!
  7. wow she looks hot!
  8. ^ and I usually wouldn't describe her as that.
  9. thanks...shes my new avator...teehee

    shes HOT
  10. Beautiful!! Love the look. She looks so heathy, Yeah for nicole.
  11. she looks fabulous.
  12. She cleans up nice!
  13. what a transformation from BEFORE her show with Paris!
  14. Wow!!!
  15. she is looking so much better