I think this Coach bag is gorgeous

  1. Do you all think it's worth the money?


    If I bought it, I would have to wait at least a month, by then it will probably be discontinued, :lol:

    I live nowhere near a coach store or outlet :cry: actually, that's probably a good thing :biggrin:

    Dillards is the only store around here that carries Coach. I doubt seriously they will ever have this bag. :P
  2. It is lovely
  3. I saw this bag the other day at an outlet, it was a random customer return and was selling for around $300. I SNATCHED it up and tried it on since it was such an amazing deal, but I didn't like it at all. It's huge, and when I say huge, I mean it! I'm not a small woman (5'9", size 10) and it looked way too big on me. It was bulky and heavy and I really hated how the hardware was just a larger version of standard Coach hardware. That front dogleash clip really looks like it should be on a dog leash! I'd pass on this one, especially because of the wait. Maybe try the smaller version? Even it is large, I think it's probably more functional. JMO of course :smile:
  4. Thanks! You probably talked me out of even considering it, which is a very good thing. I would be really upset if I ordered something that expensive and hated it, LOL! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks for the heads up, vanojr9! I'm only 5'2 so I'd probably look comical wearing it. But I still like to gaze longingly at it....:shame:
  6. Yeah, I loved this bag in pictures but when I saw it in real life, on another person I was a little turned off. The woman I saw it with was tall and on the heavy side, and it actually looked really good on her. I think on a smaller woman it would look silly. The thing that turned me off the most was that the leather was sort of thin and flimsy, not thick and squishy like it looks in the picture.
  7. Thin and flimsy leather for that amount of money? Criminal. :amazed: :shocked:
  8. It might have been the lighting, I didn't actually get to touch the bag, but it looked like the leather on a fairly inexpensive Coach bag I own, which is fairly thin, and at $800 that's totally not worth it. You're paying for the look and the hardware more than the actual leather, which is a disappointment. :rant:
  9. i like the style of this bag, but it's HUGE...i'd get the smaller version.
  10. I like it but I couldn't bring myself to spend $800 on a Coach bag.
  11. I see they have it in a hobo version-that might be better size wise
  12. I carried this bag in white while in Monaco and Cannes last week and you wouldn't believe how many people stopped to compliment me on it. The manager at LV in Casino Square actually begged me to let her try it on. :yes: Mind you, I'm all of 5' in my stocking feet, and I took the strap in a couple of notches so that the bottom of the bag wouldn't sag past my hips, but it's not the hardest bag in the world to carry off.

    As for the leather, it's actually quite thick and sturdy, seeing as how it replaced my Speedy as my in-flight bag. It stood up very well to being shoved under seats, into overhead bins, and multiple security checkpoints.

    I bought this bag during the last customer discount sale, so I didn't pay full price, but I think it's a lovely buy. And for $300? I can't believe the outlet SAs didn't just buy it and take it home for themselves!
  13. I tried on both the large and the smaller version of the bag.. and I have to say, even though the price TOTALLY turned me off, they are both LOVELY. I'm only 5 feet tall (hehe like evoque) and the large one made such a statement. I loved it! The smaller one was also very cute and seemed really practical. If you love it, you should get it because after it is discontinued, you can't have it! (Unless it miraculously ends up at an outlet for $300 like it did for vanojr9! That's an amazing deal.)
  14. Have you seen the smaller version? I think it looks better =]
  15. Wow, if I saw one in an outlet for $300, I would grab it so fast! I think it looks nice, but it is not $800 nice for my tastes. JMO.