i think there's a purchase on my credit card that i didn't make...

  1. i just looked at my visa statement, and there's a charge for $11.44 at Blockbuster that i don't think i made. then there's a return to the same blockbuster, on the same day, for $10.69. i haven't been to blockbuster, so i don't know what to do. it's the only charge that i don't understand. it' from friday, which was my day off. should i be concerned? i really don't know what to do about this. i requested a copy of the sales reciept from the bank.

  2. i'd call the c/c company and request a copy of the bill and let them know you dont recall this sale and would like to investigate it.
  3. these things are annoying!
    yes, try to investigate through the bank!
  4. I would have them change my cc too. looks like somebody has ur number
  5. i'm starting to think that maybe it was my brother...i opened a blockbuster account like two years ago with my cc and i think he has the card....

    dammit, he owes me $0.80! i hope it was him, i'll have to call him and ask.
  6. Yes, I bet it's someone in your family who has a card for your Blockbuster account or uses your name/phone number there. Call your brother just to be sure, though!
  7. man i can't believe i even remember opening that card. i don't even have a copy of it.
  8. Did you call him? Was it him?
  9. If it wasn't him, you probably want to call your credit company right away! You never know if someone just opened your account there with your number or if someone stole the blockbuster number, or something!

    Be careful about this stuff. The c/c co. says that it is your duty to see if there are any discrepancies for them to help you solve it (in case it was stolen or something).
  10. hope this gets resolved quickly
  11. If you didn't rent movies from blockbuster, call them up and ask what movies were rented. Because of no late fees, they now charge your credit card if the movie is more than 7 days late and then they return the money minus a restocking fee if you return the movie within 30 days.
  12. yup ditto. I used to work for them up until about this past May lol...the restocking fee tho is 1.25 per dvd so, if ur missing 80 cents, that makes no sense b/c for it to have been about 11$ total, it would have been 2 dvds....maybe he actually purchased something and then it didn't work and he returned it...anyways, I hope it's your brother and not some stranger!! GL and keep us posted!!
  13. he would have to have had your card or show your ID though. without proper ID, blockbuster are not supposed to rent to you.
    and the ones i have been to won't. i would call the bank, cancel that card and have a new one issued. also i would have them investigate.
  14. i put him on the account, showing his ID would work. he hasn't called me back yet.
  15. tell him he owes you 80cents + interest:graucho: . call that blockbuster and confirm. i am sure they will confirm that for you.

    siblings can be sooo sneaky:huh: