I think there may be a Mirage Speedy in my house!

  1. I have been hinting like crazy to my husband that I want a Mirage Speedy in noir for Christmas and that they won't be around forever, so he's better hurry up if he wants to find one! Yesterday, a big package came from FedEx. I took a peek at the return address and it was LV! :yahoo:I think it could be a Mirage, but I can't let on that I saw it! It is going to be a long, long wait until Christmas!
  2. haha, lets hope it is! Although I can't imagine the dissapointment if it isnt, sorry! lol
  3. True - that would be bad! Although, I think anything in a big box from LV has to be something good! :yes:
  4. You need to go a huntin :yahoo:
    Just to ensure you aren't disappointed on xmas day :graucho:
  5. You have a generous husband!! Can he teach mine a few things? lol ;)

    There must be a way of talking him into giving you one present early. "It" handbags are time-sensitive items. They need to be enjoyed in the present!
  6. I hope it is!
  7. Oh gosh, I really hope that's what it is!!!! Although I doubt you could be disappointed with any gift from LV. The suspense would kill me...that's like two months, you're such a good sport! I hope you get a Mirage. :yes:
  8. I hope it's what you think it is!
  9. Oh, how exciting! And how sweet of your hubby to try to get it! I can imagine it will take sooooooo long till christmas for you now!! But what a perfect gift!
    Let's all keep our fingers crossed for you and we expect a report back on christmas day! ;)
  10. I'll keep my fingers crossed in hope that it is a Mirage Speedy... and if so, that you get it super early! :nuts:
  11. Oh dear ... good luck in pretending you know nothing about it ... because I sure couldn't wait 'til christmas ... I'd be all over it like white on rice.

    Oooh, I can feel the excitement through my keyboard ... must not snoop, must not snoop:wacko::wondering:whistle: ...

  12. Good luck!!! I would've snooped by now!!!
  13. Bad girl!!!!
    I don't think I could wait until Dec. 25, lol
    Good luck behaving yourself until then!
  14. I'd open it and re-seal it! Hehehe! I'm terrible!
  15. OMG it's a lllllllOoooooooonnnnnngggggggggg time until Christmas be strong you don't want to spoil the surprise