I think the postal service lost my pink inclusion bracelet GM in the mail...

  1. Sorry, this is REALLY LONG....

    I recently purchased a pink inclusion bracelet GM and had the package for me sent from the US on July 24th. The tracking number for it is EQ928733155US.

    On the 26th or so, the package arrived in Canada and entered customs as shown in the USPS.com website. Yesterday, on the 27th, on the CanadaPost tracking website, it claims that at 10:17 AM, "Attempted delivery. A delivery notification card was left with pick-up details", and at 4:02 PM, "Item successfully delivered to Receiver".

    The problem is, I did not have an attempted delivery since I was still home at 10:30 AM, and there was no delivery notification card left in my mail box. (Usually if no one is home, they leave a delivery card in your mail box, and you pick up the parcel at the post office).

    This morning, I went to the post office where I usually pick up my parcels and asked for help. The guy helping me looked in my record and said there were no packages for me recently. Also, the signatory name (stated on the tracking, he said it's a retail location code) is not even in Calgary (where I live)! So I am suspecting now that my package has been delievered to a city OTHER than Calgary. Very weird...signatory name. I looked at the two packages I sent to others, and under signatory name, one had the recipient's initials, and the other had the recipient's full name. And mine...a retail location code, RC0716?!

    On the tracking, my package was still at Etobicoke, ON on July 26 at 8:39 PM "Item is enroute to the Delivery Office"...and then the next morning on July 27 at 10:17 AM...it states it was delivered in Calgary. Could it be that it was accidentally delivered to someone in Ontario instead?

    Now, the odd thing is, when I look at the Delivery Confirmation Certificate, it says that my package has been delivered BUT the document lacks the most important thing: the signature of the receiver AND also the signatory name (this time it does not say the RC0716). It says, "Online signature not available. For assistance, please contact customer service at ...". For both packages that I sent out, one actually had the signature on the document, and the other says "A signature has been captured, however, the signatory has requested for the signature not be displayed on the website...". All this, yet on both usps.com and canadapost.com, it says that my package has already been delivered?!

    One more thing, on the USPS.com website, using the same tracking number, I requested a proof of delivery confirmation BUT after processing the request it states, "You requested this information prior to the delivery of your item. When your Proof of Delivery record is complete, it will be provided." ALTHOUGH on both tracking websites it states that my package has been delivered to the receiver.

    Guys, I am SO confused right now!! How come the signatory name is NOT in Calgary, when it clearly states on the package it is supposed to be in Calgary?? (The seller is sure she sent it to the right address, and I trust her too). Also, on both of the packages that I mailed out to others recently, when viewing the Delivery Confirmation Certificate, the Signatory name is not an RC number, rather, it is the receiver's full name or intials. Also, I was checking out the signatures and both documents have signatures available.

    Could it be that my package is still on its way to me, it's just that the tracking system is messed up, or is my package really lost forever?? *sigh* I don't know...customer service is closed on the weekends...I have to wait patiently until Monday to call them. I don't know what to do...

    This was not done on eBay, and I sent my payment through wire transfer, but I know I can trust the seller because we've had great communication and although I told her I still haven't received the package we've still kept in touch. I don't think that's an issue, because I think it's the postal service's fault, but the bracelet did cost me around $400 and if it's lost...well...I'll be short $400 and I don't think I'd be able to find another inclusion GM for this good of a price.

    Any advice, thoughts? Don't you think the delivery confirmation thingys are a little suspicious?
  2. Wow, Karman, sorry to hear that's happened to your bracelet !!!!! I'd be nuts too. I hope the seller bought insurance for your package !!!!!

    Don't lose hope yet, wait until Monday, perhaps it was mistracked? I know, Ive received things from Canada that have been in transit for THREE WEEKS !!!
    Once, my DH sent me a parcel from Paris via express that took 2 MONTHS !!
    So hopefully, it's just in transit somewhere.....I certainly hope someone didnt sign for it.....and open it!!! :sad:
    Let us know what happens........good luck !!!!
  3. I think they're really suspicious! I request delivery confirmation with just about everything I send and when I check the website after a few days, it still says something about "acceptance" at the location I sent from and that it will be updated when updates are available. Sometimes they aren't updated at all and the buyer receives the item when the site says it's still in transit. I just don't think they scan all of them or something.
    Anyway, hopefully it just got screwed up in the computers and you'll have it on Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  4. Oh Karman, sorry to hear what had happened. This is really a weird situation where they delivered but w/o a receipient signature...and looks like you keep getting different tracking info on this? I don't know what else to advise besides chasing down USPS on monday, but keep your fingers crossed that the package may arrive at your door today! Keep us posted!
  5. Thanks guys...I don't think insurance was available for Global Express...that's what the seller used and in the past as well sellers haven't been able to get insurance with Global Express.
    I keep checking the tracking in case something else gets updated. I just hope that if somebody did accidentally pick up my package and signed for it, they'll realize at home that it's not for them and will return it without opening...
    Or even better, I'm hoping that like Rebecca said the tracking's just messed up...:sad:
  6. Sorry to hear this :heart: Is it fully insured and traceable ? Try to open up a trace with Canada Post immediately. Praying for you.
  7. Maybe it has something to do with customs?! :confused1: :idea: Here in Germany that sometimes causes USPS tracking to screw up :yes:

    I was awaiting an item from the US and followed it closely through the USPS tracking site:

    It landed in Germany, went into airport customs, went out of airport customs and when I checked the next morning, it said: ITEM DELIVERED! :wtf: I was so shocked because of course nothing had reached me.

    The thing was: Airport customs released it to my local customs office where I had to go and pick it up to and pay the custom fees. I got a letter from them about 3 days later. Apparantly USPS always shows the last step already as "Item Delivered" here in Germany. Maybe that's the issue in Canada as well :confused1: Any chance of contacting customs?
  8. oh no :wtf: hope your bracelet finds its way home soon
  9. Contacting customs is a great idea...however on the USPS tracking it does say:

    Into Foreign Customs, July 26, 2007, 4:32 pm, CANADA
    Out of Foreign Customs, July 26, 2007, 11:55 am, CANADA

    So...uhhh...it came out of customs before it went in...:confused1:
  10. Good luck I hope you get your bracelet.
  11. Karman what a mess in my book post people suck right now!

    I've also had parcels before where they said delivered on the website but they didn't turn up until a day or so later, maybe check with neighbours just to see if they have anything for you and then on monday get in touch with the mail service

  12. Some of the mails unfortunately goes into the Custom Clearing Office either Toronto or Vancouver when they arrived into Canada but before going into Sortation Plants. Then individual Regional Stations. From the looks of it, your parcel cleared custom on the 26th.
  13. My package was apparently in Etobicoke, ON on July 26th at 8:32 PM or something and then it was "delivered" in Calgary on July 27th, at 10:17 AM...doesn't that seem a little too fast? I'd expect it'd take a day to get to Calgary...not overnight...
  14. I would try calling the post office you normally pick up at again because maybe that first guy you talked to didn't look as well as he should have. One time that happened to me and it's because they keyed my name wrong into the system. How annoying!!!! I really hope you can track it down! I know sometimes our post person doesn't even TRY to deliver to the door and then when I check online it will say "attemped delivery" .. yeah right! So I'm hoping maybe it did go back to the post office and maybe they just either hadn't updated their system (or maybe the post person hadn't delivered it there yet) or maybe your name is wrong in the system or something. Good luck!!! I really hope you're able to track it down.

  15. Yes. It does seem too fast. But for EMS is possible. From the looks of it, your parcel went to the wrong receiver. Contact Canada Post and your seller at the same time. Have the seller talk to USPS and open up a trace. I really hope your parcel is fully insured.