I think the LV monogram on my Mini Lin speedy is misaligned. Am I insane to care?

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  1. When I was looking at pictures of Mini Lin speedys posted by other members, I noticed the LV placement on my bag is off.

    The 1st photo is my speedy, the LV is almost completely covered by the leather patch.

    The 2nd is what everyone else's looks like (photo borrowed from LVCRAZED, sorry).

    Am I insane to even care (I tend to obsess over the smallest details)? Part of me says it's still a beautiful bag, regardless. But part of me says LV is so meticulous about the monogram placement, I should have a bag that's perfectly aligned.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts, exchange or keep? Thanks.
    Mini Lin.jpg Page_1-20061228170123.jpg
  2. yours looks like the LV is just up higher. notice the prints on the top by the zipper is one line lower than LVCRAZED's bag. i think i'd care if all speedies are supposed to be the other way.
  3. I would exchange it if it is going to bother you.
  4. hell no you're not insane.i went through a problem w/my speedy 30 and ended up returning it cuz it bothered me to no end!
  5. if that happens to mine, i'll exchange it while i still can :smile:
  6. the material is simply cut slightly higher than the other bag. no need to stress. keep in mind that these bags are still assembled by humans and not by machines so not every single piece would be identical. i think its a great reminder of the work and craftsmanship put into these bags.

    just think yours as a little more special than most ;)
  7. Well said. I wouldn't have noticed unless you pointed it out. But if it really bothers you that much, then return it if you can. You're the one that has to live with this bag so do what makes you happy.
  8. I agree, my mini lin speedy is slightly higher toward the end on the right side, but it doesn't bother me, I know I'm have an authentic, high quality bag. If the misalignment really bothers you then you shouldn't stress out and exchange/return.
  9. Interesting, i've never paid attention to my bag..

    here are some pic's..


  10. No, you're not crazy, don't worry...hehe...Your fabric is just cut further down than LVcrazed speedy, so that the LV logos will be placed higher up. The tabs will then cover part of the logo.

    I just looked at my mini lin speedy, and my fabric has been cut sort of in between yours and LVcrazed, and only part of the LV logo by the right tab is covered by the tab (minimally though). However, I really wouldn't have noticed....

    If it bothers you then I think you should exchange it, but be sure to fully check the other ML speedies! What bothers me more are those little threads/uneven linen material, so be sure to get one as close to perfect as you can from every aspect. Good luck on your choice! ;)
  11. I wouldn't be bothered by it, as long as the fabric is centered horizontally.
  12. Thanks everyone.

    I think I will exchange for a different bag. Knowing myself, it would bug me everytime I carried the bag.