I think the Dentelle Speedy is calling to me too!

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  1. So I was at the store and my SA happened to have the new catalogue out so I thumbed through an admired the big glossy photo of the Dentelle Speedy in all its glory. "You wanna see it?" He asked? YES please! :smile:
    So I got to see the 30 and...wow :wtf: incredible craftsmanship. Also, I noticed right away that the handles were dark and asked about the leather. He said it was Nomade leather (I think) and that it wouldn't darken (is this true?). I signed up for the 3/15 list right away. :p He asked if I wanted the silver or gold detailing. I went with silver...I hope I don't regret it...:graucho:

    Just wanted to share that moment..."That's all!"
  2. um.... just ordered the dentelle pochette wallet for my mini lin speedy (got on the list).... hanging head in dreadful shame.... but i HAD to.... got the gold... I think it will be TDF with the mini lin....

    I prefer mono with a design on it, like the groom or Murakami, so I think the dentelle will be great for me....
  3. I can't wait till March 15...! I really want to have it now!!!


    I'm on waitlist for the gold speedy...hope it's lovely...

    Ps. So, you have a new LV catalogue?? (the 2007 version?)
  4. ^ what's the cover look like for this years? is it the blue one?
  5. I had mine last year, and it was blue. So, I don't know. :shrugs:

    Are there any new stuffs or new epi color added?
  6. I think you might be talking about different catalogues..I think she saw the look book because the limited lines aren't added into the Le Catalogue's.
  7. heh, that's the word i was looking for, the Look Book! :smile:
  8. Hehe :p
  9. i love all LV speedys and will the one one when it comes out
  10. Hooray that one more person likes the Dentelle line IRL. I'm getting the Speedy too (in Gold), and the Kirsten as well! :yahoo:
  11. :smile: indeed. does it only come in 30? or 25 as well? i'm thinking i may have to downsize to a 25 since i already have a damier 30...
  12. Im still waiting for my pochette. :sad:
  13. It will looks so nice.
  14. i know. i couldn't stop touching it lol
  15. oh yay! i wish i could get one! cant wait to see everyone's pictures