I think that the cheapest people in the world comprise the Ebay population

  1. ...because I have several very popular bags listed right now that all have like 20, 30 watchers. Gustto Baca, for example...I had it up for a great price nearly 40% off retail, its new with tags, a rare color, and at an outstanding price. If I were to come across this price, I would JUMP all over it! As is the case with many of my bags. The prices are GREAT PRICES but they are not barebones/pennies on the dollar prices. WTF is up with all these people watching the auctions, and those who send idiotic offers like 15 dollars!? I dont get it.

    I buy so many items off eBay, and I LOVE the BIN feature. If there is anything I hate, it's bidding. Im glad to get a good to great deal on a bag...and I dont send lowball asinine offers, nor do I bombard the seller with bossy, threatening crap. I mean come on! Are there any other Ebayers like me out there?
  2. There are always going to be those who offer such a ridiculous amount. Good luck with your sale, hopefully a serious buyer will come your way.
  3. Most seasoned buyers don't bid until the last minute. It's the newbies that drive up the prices days before the auctions end. If you have that many watchers, you will probably have numerous bids right before the auctions end. Sit tight, you may be surprised!
  4. I HATE when you have like 15+ watchers... and it does not sell. Hate, Hate, Hate
  5. Most people buying bags on eBay don't realise what a bag truly costs. The average price of a paddy on eBay is probably $100 AUD, which is ridiculous. Plus the marketplace atmosphere of ebay will certain attract a wide range of idiotic offers from all sorts of people. I don't think it's their fault though.
  6. Many designer handbag buyers on eBay don't do research to see what that authentic handbag cost brand new. Or, if they do the research they want you to sell to them at a ridiculously low price. Those watchers really get on my nerves too. I've had numerous watchers of an auction that ends with not one buyer, so I have to relist. Also, I strongly feel that a five day auction is sufficient for any designer handbag. I think people should buy handbags like I do - on impulse because it's beautiful!:happydance:
  7. It's human nature to look for a "deal." When people don't know the true prices/value of a bag, they offer silly prices. Don't worry -- as someone said, truly interested, knowledgeable people often wait to the last minute to bid.
  8. :tup:hang in there!!!!
  9. I'm starting to feel guilty for putting things on watch lists and not bidding! I like to see what demand is like when I'm about to buy something, and what the prices go for. I *will* bid at the last minute sometimes though :smile:
  10. Hi there, yes I have recently sold a couple of bags for nowhere near what I bought them for. I think people are worried about fakes. I had loads of authenticity questions about mine. Some people sell fakes unfortunately and it makes it hard for us people selling the real deal
  11. if the person placed a bid way below your starting bid, then i probably would have been ticked by it too...

    i think that ebay mostly caters to buyers that are looking for a VERY good deal (as do most consumers) and those who are very specific (as in hard to find items can likely be found on ebay). therefore, i think it is to be expected that you will get bids that may seem ridiculous. or you could get very lucky that someone would be willing to pay heck of a lot more than what you expect depending on how much that buyer really wants it! afterall, it's the nature of the ebay beast. seller wants to make maximum profit. buyer wants to buy stuff dirt cheap.

    if you don't like getting lowb@ll offers why don't you set a higher starting bid? just a suggestion.. :smile:
  12. I shop Ebay often and tend to wait to the last moment to bid. The problems I find in buying designer handbags off of Ebay is worrying about authenticity, and condition. There are so many horror stories about getting fake bags that I'm wary to buy any high dollar bag from the site. I only buy it unless its a really great deal, or the seller has an excellent feedback. Otherwise If I bid I prepare to get what I pay for. Either way I wasn't aware the seller could view how many people watched their items. I watch many auctions to see how others are going to bid .. being as I got into the handbag world not so long ago, I figure they know authenticity better than I ever would and if no one is bidding then I try to stay away. Not a very good strategy, I know, but for now its all I can do. I hope your auctions go well in the future.
  13. Me too:sad: Though I tend to put things in my watch list and then try to talk myself out of bidding for them rather than buying something on impulse and then regretting it...

    GUNG, do you have a reserve price on your auctions?
  14. Gosh, I watch items as well because I'm a seller and its part of my market research. I never even thought about it until now but maybe thats the same reason why so many of my items have watchers but no buyers.

    As far as increasing the starting bid to deter low-ball offers... that isn't strategy! That could scare away potential customers who liked the original starting bid. Not only that, but you will still get low-ball offers.

    I HATE it too when you have a bag listed for around $2999 and the buyer offers you $2200. I only WISH I had that kind of mark up, and if I did I wouldn't be selling it for that high of a price in the first place! Than there are the persistent ones who ask to keep them in mind for selling a sold out Chanel handbag $200-$300 under retail. No thanks, I will wait until Chanel raises the price again and sell it at the current listed price would be cheaper than the store at that time.
  15. Putting an item on your "watch list" on e-Bay is like window shopping. You are looking and are interested in buying, but are NOT ready to take the plunge just yet.

    I don't see anything wrong with it at all. It is an option that is there for your e-Bay shopping pleasure. I sell my designer bags on e-Bay a few times a year (granted I buy way more than I sell), and sometimes get hundreds of "watchers", but very few bidders. It might be a little disappointing, but at least I know the auction has gotten plenty of "viewing" activity.

    I also agree with the other post that said they use the "watching" option as a market research tool. I must say that I do the same thing. Before I list an item, I check if there are any other similar items currently available for sale, and might "watch" them to see what the final selling price was so I can start my auction at a FMV (fair market value).

    Happy GUILT FREE watching to all :flowers:!!!