I think that coach lost my embroidered audrey..

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  1. It's been 6 weeks and not only has my repair not been processed according to jax, but coach (jax) is saying that they didn't recieve it.
    I had sent it in through the outlet (they made me pay the $20) and they are trying to track it to see if they can find it.
    I regret sending it with the outlet and not the FP price store. I just didn't feel like driving the extra 30 minutes to take it there.
    I hope that they find it.
    I felt uneasy when I dropped it off at the outlet. In the back of my mind I was worried that my lovely bag would end up on the sales floor, as a return than in the mail to be fixed.
  2. Oh no! I really hope they find it for you! Sorry to hear about that.
  3. I honestly dont think if shipped from outlet or FP would made a difference. I think it just has to do with when it gets to Jax.
  4. That is horrible news. I am sorry this is happening to you. I hope they actually did send it and it is only misscommunication.
  5. Ugh, that's awful! Hope they're able to track your bag. :sad:
  6. Crossings my fingers that they will find your bag, Muranogirl!
  7. I hope your Audrey is found, and repaired quickly. If they don't find it, there should be compensation beyond the credit they give when they can't fix a bag.
  8. This would really make me sick ....I know how much you love Audrey......I hope they find your bag
    Please keep us updated
  9. Sorry to hear that!! Do they have any tracking number or delivery confirmation number to refer to?
  10. I hope it's not lost - that would be unacceptable.

    BTW - your new avatar is SO cute.
  11. The SA that was looking into it starts in an hour. Hopefully she was able to confirm that it was delivered to Jax.
  12. :sad:

    i told this story before, but it is a perfect example that might make you feel better

    i had an international customer that had a turnlock problem, so i had sent the bag in for him, and took his address so that once the repair is sent to my store, i can forward it to him.

    this was a bit before the holidays came into swing, time flew by and i knew that the repairs took 4-6 weeks as well as he, so when 6 weeks past he emails me wondering where it is, i, in turn call jax asking and guess what..they had JUST received it

    it would take another four weeks to process she says

    imagine my horror. i knew we sent it out shortly (usually sends it out once a week) after it was dropped off and ground only takes 3-5 biz days

    and she JUST GOT IT

    it was frustrating.

    the CS was no help

    i felt bad and the CS said i could offer him something if wanted. the bag came back repaired with a turnlock that didn't even match yet i think his wife was happy to have it back, another month past and the turnlock fell off so i just said, next time you come in we'll swap it out

    and we did

    so hang in there, i never got an explantation but i think theres some sort of limbo...........
  13. Well the mail can do funny things. I hope that this is all that it is... The funny thing is, when I sent in my inlaid peyton for repair it took only 10 days to hear back!
    Another example of something strange.. I mailed a bag to the states and when I tracked it, it showed up as delivered. Yet the person receiving it said that it never arrived. The post office couldn't find it, and said it was delivered... two days later it shows up. So who knows....maybe it's lost in the mail world.
  14. Thanks!
  15. i know!

    its never happened to me before and i almost accused the jax rep of lying :shame: it made it a hard spot for me and i couldn't apologize to him enough--esp since his wife really loved that bag i felt bad, but at that point the bag was not in my hand and i just had to wait. it sucks because added together it was about two weeks before i could get it back to him, sent it priority--

    i hope that your bag does turn up. the sa should be able to figure it out since its fedex and all packages sent has automatically a tracking no