I Think Sarah Brightman Looks Better Now Then She Did Back In the Day

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  1. [​IMG]
    Rolling back the years: A fresh-faced looking Sarah Brightman at the Classical Brit Awards in London, and right, pictured 25 years ago

    Raunch: Sarah Brightman shows a bit of thigh at the Classical Brits, left, and en route to her seat.
  2. [​IMG]


    Younger outlook: Sarah with new boyfriend Louis Oberleander, 41, and right, with former husband Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber, 59
  3. she has an incredible voice, but an horrible style!
  4. Definately looks better now!!!!!!
  5. ^

  6. She looks better now but we have to remember that 25 years ago, she looked good for the 1980s. I mean, the makeup and hair she had then was all the rage!
  7. i think she was just as pretty now as she was back then.
  8. She looks ok to me. I love Phantom! She is definitely talented.
  9. :yes:
  10. what a voice! The 80's style is kinda hard to look at. She's definitely looking good now.
  11. love the pic of her with her new bf :yes:
  12. She has definately had some work done, and her teeth look much more in proportion to her face now :smile:
  13. Me too. Favorite of the bunch.
  14. She's such a talented singer and yes, I agree, she has matured well and looks so much prettier. Let's hope we all mature as beautifully:smile:.
  15. She does not know how to dress/style herself, and apart from that I don't think her new-found beauty is at all natural. And her taste in men is up to par with her taste in clothes.