i think people assume my tanger is fake

  1. do you all have this problem. you have a less common/LE/or Runway bag that people may be unaware of or have never seen and they just assume it's fake? i feel like i get this from everyone with my mini initials tanger tote. it's my absolute favorite bag, but it sucks no one knows what it is. i feel like i'm constantly defending it's authenticity. meh.

  2. I don't let a random stranger's thoughts get to me. So what if they think it's fake? You know it's real and that's all that matters. ;)
  3. Yea i acctually think that alot of use have this problem even if it's not L.E ,
    It really sucks.
    But i always think as long as i know it's real it's ok.
    Thats there problem if they think it's fake :smile:
  4. It's a beautiful bag, don't worry about it. You cannot expect NON LV fans to know your bags especially if they're LE or runway.
  5. i totally agree. and it doesn't really bother me. but when you get the "MC Papillion" look and you are carrying the real deal. it's a little annoying.

  6. I know exactely what you mean!
  7. screw em.
    don't let them rent that space in your mind.
  8. real LV lovers will know it is real!
  9. Very true.
  10. i try not to let others comments get me done, but sometimes it really affects me.
  11. I know what you mean!~ That's happened to me with my speedy azur, sunset blvd. and graffiti alma but i just said WHATEVER i know its real so think whatever you want. But heck as long as we know it's real and our fellow LV lovers know then its a-ok right?!

    I interned at a fashion magazine in my college years, and someone who is suppose to be well-versed in fashion asked me if my EBENE TANGER was an LV knock off and questioned whether it should be included in a shoot if it was!! I was kind of pissed and told her off in a snotty tone of voice that it was real and she can call any LV boutique to verify the authenticity cause she looked like she didn't want to believe me!!

    Nowadays I don't really care what people think. :p
  13. ^ how rude, it's always the one's that think they know it all
  14. im not bothered at all. i actually find it funny when people give me that look especially with my more obscure pieces. ignorant people are so amusing.
  15. i would look at it with admiration, maybe that's what the other people are doing.

    if they think it's fake, then they know nothing about LV, and i wouldn't worry about their opinion of my handbag

    enjoy, you are fortunate to own such a beautiful piece!