I Think Pam Is Having A Good Time With This Guy !

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    Canadian beauty Pamela Anderson (picture with unknown guest) helps Cameron Diaz celebrate surfer Kelly Slater's 35th birthday yesterday in Marina del Ray, California.
  2. Yep! Looks like they are both having a great time!
  3. That guy appears to be wearing a wedding band. Methinks there is a wife out there somewhere who probably ain't too happy about those pics. :roflmfao:
  4. Gross*
  5. His tongue is so white :s
  6. tongue colors often reveal medical issues, so he (or his wife) should make sure he sees a doc soon ;)
  7. ^^^Yea, what is up with that...bacteria???
  8. i think this is the most covered up I have seen her in a while!! She has a slamming body IMO. My only issue is she needs some botox in her forehead.
  9. The wife might've been with them too? We can't see if anyone's in the backseat.
  10. Looks like he may have thrush :throwup: .
  11. Hahah they seem to have a great time wich is cool.Oh and he is her brother Gary or something!
    I think Pam is so cool,she always seems to have a great time,she dosent take herself to seriously and looks like she is always enjoying herslef.Despite the skimpy clothes.etc she is somehow very likable!
  12. I love her shoes. Oh....and yeah...he's gross. You know? With the tongue and all.
  13. Good for her! She looks beautiful in those pics, I love her :love:
  14. That's her BROTHER.:yes:
  15. "Apparently the bash was fun, because at around 4 o'clock in the morning a tipsy Pamela Anderson left the party with her brother Gary and proceeded to act like they were ten-years-old."

    His name is Gerry, btw (not Gary as per the article).